As I mentioned in my recent post about blowing the budget*, there’s a delicate balance between splurging on a few treats every once in a while and keeping strict watch on the pennies. While I would love to cover my home in lots of gorgeous items to welcome in every crisp new season, the reality is that I need to build my savings back up before I can spend with reckless abandon. So my buying guide today is really just my wishlist at the moment!

However, I did notice that there was a definite theme going on – nearly everything was either from or an imitation of the things we find in nature – from marble to fur, wood to horn, jute to tortoiseshell, it seems my current wishlist are all the textures and patterns found in our beautiful natural world.

One thing I may just go ahead and purchase, however, are the little tortoise shell tea light holders right at the top – they are only Β£4 each from Tesco Direct! I KNOW, RIGHT? That’s guilt-free shopping right there.

(Oh and stay tuned, I’ll be doing another buying guide soon with all stuff from George at Asda and it will surprise you as much as it surprised me. For realz people. My ‘pretty on the cheap’ crown will be restored.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the window shopping on this lovely Autumn Friday! All sources are at the bottom of the post!

Don’t miss a thing!

*By the way, thanks so much for all the feedback and comments on that post! What a great discussion – so much wisdom and wise words from those at every stage of their financial lives! If you missed it and you would like to weigh in, please do so here.

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