I need to start this post off introducing you to my new little mate.

Created by a company called Sootcookie (derived from the Afrikaans word for ‘sweet biscuit’ referring to the way they are baked in a kiln), he’s called a ‘Space Bunny’ and with his little gold face, he is at once endearing and ambiguous. I LOVE HIM.

For now, he’s hanging out in the dining room with all my other weird and wonderful creatures but I have a feeling he’ll be moving into my office once we begin getting some pretty going on in there (at the moment, it’s still in chaos but over the next few weeks, work shall begin in earnest!).

I also wanted to introduce you to the lovely ladies behind the shop where my Space Bunny came from. Victoria & Abigail is the new online shop by two bezzie mates originally from South Africa who have made England their home.

With Abi’s brother married to Vicky’s sister, they were friends then family and finally, business partners – a few glasses of wine shared between friends, a business plan drafted on a napkin and Victoria & Abigail was born.

Abigail says: “We’ve been talking about working together for years and the idea sort of developed over time, it started out as a coffee shop and about a year later it ended up at a home wares and accessories shop. We were tired of going into shops and seeing the same, generic, mass produced gifts and home wares and we wanted to create a shop that we’d love to shop in, where we could support small independent creatives, makers and designers.”

What I love about this shop is that there are so many pieces I’ve not seen anywhere else. The shop is filled with bright colours and accessories, beautiful items for the kitchen, cool stationary and accessories for the whole family. The selection is truly fresh, fun and completely unique.

Not one to be selfish with my findings, I chose a few of my favourite pieces to share with you today in my buying guide. I have to say I have my eye fully on those Phrenology vases, definitely on my wish list!

All the links are on the bottom of the post along with a little surprise!!

Therapeutic Eye Mask / Space Bunnies / Summer Garden Cushion Cover / Phrenology Vases / Ice Cream Bowl / Sneaker Planters / Small Rabbit Figurines / Arty Envelopes / Peacock Children’s Chair / Ceramic Rabbit Jar / Botanical Laser Cut Greeting Card / Flamingo Print Cushion Cover / Geometric Fruit Bowls

What’s the surprise? Well, Victoria & Abigail have been kind enough to give you guys a little present!

Just use the code SWOONWORTHY15 
at checkout to get 15% off 
anything in Victoria & Abigail 
until the end of September 2014!

They are popping up in various locations around London in the coming months so to keep up with their latest whereabouts, you can follow their blog, like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

What do you think of my little Space Bunny? I am honestly thinking I may need to start a collection (Christmas gift perhaps, Wayne?)! Any favourites of my selections? Do spill, I’d love to know what you think of this cute shop!

Don’t miss a thing!

I received my Space Bunny free in exchange for my review but all opinions are entirely my own – I genuinely love this shop! Thanks for supporting the businesses that support Swoon Worthy!

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