One colour that is…

Well we made a little bit more progress on the deck remodel so I figured I’d share that today. We blasted the old part of the deck with a power sprayer to clean it as best we could and now the whole thing has been stained.

So here’s what it looked like before…

And now it looks like this!

Ahhh much better no?  While you can still see it’s an extension, it’s not quite as obvious as it was before with the dark stain masking the old and now marrying it much better with the new boards and the old boards are looking so much healthier!

There’s a very slight difference in the colouring but I reckon once there’s furniture on it and it’s actually completed, it won’t be terribly noticeable.

So what’s left? Oh PLENTY!!  One thing I had been considering was staining those two fencing panels that actually meet the deck but wanted to wait until we stained the rest to see if it was necessary.

I think you can see from these pictures that YES they now look like they are about 40 years old (they aren’t, they were put in about 3 years ago, they are just really faded and looking a bit worse for wear). One more job for the list then!

Stay tuned for more soon ;)

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