I didn’t want to think it could be possibly true. That thick horrible raised design wallpaper that I absolutely despised removing from my dressing room walls, the stuff that seems to be on every last-renovated-in-the-90’s wall… it seems to be back.

But hang on. Before you dismiss it like I did…

Oh god, I can’t even believe I’m saying this.

But Anaglypta is actually sort of beautiful.

Deco Paradiso


It’s weird being this old. Seeing trends that you swore you’d never want to see light of day again suddenly brought back, years later.  It’s like seeing that ex you swore off of when you were 16, the one that broke your heart… re-emerge on Facebook when you are 35 and suddenly, you are both a little more grown up, he or she has taken good care of themselves, they look well… ok, they look better than well… they look HOT.


Yeah, it’s like that.


I mean, this was my rather ugly version of Anaglypta that we had to scrape off the dressing room walls….

Urghhh right?!

But no, this is so much prettier….

Turner Tile

What do you think? Would you use this in your home? Are there any other trends that you can’t believe are back but you are sort of liking despite yourself?  Do tell….

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