I was on a serious high when I got home from the Home is in the North event on Saturday.


I got to meet some of my online friends, reconnect with some offline friends and make some new ones too.
There was plenty of talented independent designers exhibiting which I’ll be sharing on the blog soon.
And my DIY art workshop – set up right in the MIDDLE of the entire space was – I think – a hit.

When I started the demonstration of my painting technique, I actually had a crowd gathered! Oh my god, total rush (and totally made me nervous, I really hope no one noticed my hands shaking as I was unscrewing the tops of my paint tubes.)

I do think everyone who attended enjoyed themselves and got to take home a little bit of their own original art!  A huge huge thank you to you guys who attended – such a lovely bunch :)  And what a great little compliment to see this on my instagram feed the following day from Fiona of a Living Diary saying “i’m an artist. my ‘art’ from yesterday’s #hiitn workshop, taught by the talented @redlilocks! who would have thought i’d be so colourful.”  Awwww!!! Doesn’t it look fab?!

I’ll share more of what happened on the day soon but didn’t want to create a post with a million pictures (you’re welcome).

I thought I’d share some of the art, that I created for the event…

Reflected Sky
Spring Part I

This one is pretty huge (about 3′ x 2′)

Spring Part II

And this is the one that I created on the day of the event to demonstrate my technique.

Home Is

I’m currently looking into the best ways to sell my art (Etsy is the forerunner) and I was able to chat a bit to one of the exhibitors who may be able to put some of my plans in motion but if you are interested in more details or would like to purchase anything, please just get in touch!

More details about the event and some of the amazing exhibitors to come so stay tuned!

It’s been a busy week here at Swoon Worthy HQ – how has your week gone?

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