This has been an announcement that is a LONG time in coming. If you have been following me for a while, you will know that back in August of last year, I had Joanna Thornill and Emma Mitchell come to my home to photograph it for a super secret project.

(I also spilled the beans about what actually happens behind the scenes in a photographic shoot so do have a read, it’s eye-opening ;))

Well, I’m happy to say the secret is now out.

The book Home for Now is finally out and yes, my little abode is within it’s fabulous pages.


What’s it about? Well, if you are a first time owner, a renter or just in a home that’s not your ‘forever home’ (like we are now!), it’s a fantastic resource for making where you live now, not just a place to throw your keys, but a HOME.

Here’s what Joanna says about the book:

Offering both inspirational and practical solutions to the ever-growing number of people struggling to get on, or move up, the property ladder, it shows that not being in your “forever” home needn’t be a barrier to transforming your house into a home: all that’s needed is a little creative thinking, outside of the box.

Featuring 15 stunning homes, most of which are rented or first-time-owned themselves, the book is broken down by area: Living Spaces, Kitchens, Dining, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Creative Workspaces and Plants, Outdoor Living, and is packed with styling, craft and DIY tips to inspire both renters and renovators to try out the ideas themselves. Full step-by-step projects feature at the end of each chapter, specifically chosen with inexperienced DIY’ers in mind, whilst renters’ needs are more than taken into account, with landlord-friendly adaptations of many of its DIY and styling ideas.

Aside from the fact that my home appears and obviously this makes me a little bit biased, it actually is a wonderfully impressive resource for getting pretty on the cheap! There are so many beautiful homes within its pages and I feel wildly privileged that my little place is in such inspirational company.

Also, look how cute Joanna looked at the launch in London on Thursday!

I popped in for a bit for the launch held at Thornback and Peel but crazy travel schedules meant I couldn’t stay for too long.  Either way, it was lovely to be a part of something that was so incredibly special – a real highlight of this little blog and the history of our home.

Do go and check out the book and be inspired by the sheer amount of brilliance of savvy homeowners and renters alike, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

You can purchase Joanna’s book, Home for Now, here.  For international readers, there are links here on Joanna’s website.

Don’t miss a thing!

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