Wayne and I decided to take this week off work to make some progress on the bathroom. Yes, Operation Bathroom Remodel is STILL happening but in incredibly good news, we’re finally done with cutting tiles!

*fake sobs like Miss Universe winning her crown*

Ahhh yes, those blasted hex tiles have been an absolute nightmare. I think if you had a new build and your walls are perfectly square and straight, you’d have no real issue using hex tiles on the wall. But in a house where not ONE wall or floor or ceiling is straight, trying to align tiny tiles to marry up in the corners is just never going to happen. And so we had something like 350 individual tiles to measure, cut and place by hand and y’all that takes some serious time (and a lot of cry faces).

We’ll be finishing the grouting this week (we got about 1/3 of it done yesterday and it’s looking SWEEEET) and hopefully get the cornicing and skirting boards installed. After that, it’s just painting (cornicing, skirting boards, door and radiator). And finally, installing the shower curtain pole and hanging the light fixture. None of these are huge undertakings and once the grouting is complete, compared to everything that’s come before, the hard work is pretty much done – the end is in sight! You have no idea how happy this makes me. I can’t wait to be able to share it with you all.  It’s been a long long road so far.

Anyway, seeing as we’re working on a project that I can’t really share yet, I thought I’d show off some other rather sexy bathrooms that have caught my eye lately.

I love art in the bathroom. I think because you don’t see it very often and in the bathroom below, it gives it a rather masculine, sexy vibe. And those marble tiles? Oh my god.  Just yes.

I love how cute this bathroom is with that adorable ostrich wallpaper and again, with carefully curated artwork. I’m mostly jealous however because Emily of Go Haus Go got the whole thing done in 4 weeks. Oh how I hang my head in shame and bow to your bathroom prowess Emily!!

This bathroom definitely caught my eye – in pillar box red, how could it not? I would never have even considered painting a bathroom in red lacquer like Bailey Quinn did here in her client’s abode – I mean, I’m brave but I’m certainly not that brave – but there’s something about this that appeals to me. The powder blue shade, the brassy touches, the leopard print bench? It shouldn’t work, it really shouldn’t – but somehow it does.

This bathroom designed by Amber Interiors has been doing the rounds in blogland but I couldn’t not include it. I mean that wallpaper – are you dying?? I’m dying. I want to sit on that floor and stare up at the wallpaper for the rest of my life.

And finally, this choinoiserie masterpiece designed by Gabriel Escámez – I mean, those glossy black subway tiles paired with that red wallpaper? Kill me right in the face. So good.

So while we make the finishing touches on our own bathroom remodel (which now seems rather calm in comparison to these rather brave designs), are you doing a little bathroom dreaming of your own?  Any favourites of the ones I’ve shown?

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