I made some progress recently on the blah wall situation in my living room.  There are SO many things you can do with a big blank wall but I weighed up my options until I came to the conclusion to do two things:

Create some wall panels that were much bigger than those little pictures I had on there and get a new decorative radiator cover. The radiator in this room has been a sore point for some time – it isn’t centred on the wall and so a while ago, I painted it the same colour as the wall to make it blend just a bit better.

It was an okay solution but I still wasn’t happy with it. So the idea struck to get a radiator cover that extends to one side to create the look of a centred radiator.
You may remember that long ago, I purchased my kitchen shelving from Jali and I couldn’t have been happier with the process. You design the whole thing virtually – just choose your design, plug in your measurements, change the size, style and finish and see how it looks on the screen. As you choose your options that little price in the corner will adjust accordingly.
Once you complete your design, you order it and the little robots (ok, maybe not robots, but let’s pretend, shall we?) at Jali start buzzing and bleeping and create all the components to create your design. When it arrives, it’s flat pack so you can assemble it yourself. A kitty inspection may be necessary at this point to make sure everything checks out okay.
The paperwork that comes with it is specific to your design as well.  
It’s all very straightforward and only took us a few hours to put together.
We had to notch out the cover in a couple places to fit around our existing skirting board and a plug socket that we don’t use.

And then we used some plugs to attach it to the wall.  Another kitty inspection was clearly required at this stage.

We then attached the side panels and popped in the front panel and our radiator cover was built!

It’s still not painted clearly (I chose white primer during the design process) but so far, I’m loving the decorative element it adds to the space.

As a reminder of the before…

And here it is after the radiator cover (but still in progress clearly with the whole tape situation going on and the fact that it’s not yet painted)…

I wanted to wait to do anything with the wall panels until the radiator cover was in place and already I’ve adjusted the size of them to match the width of the cover. I don’t know if I’ll do one wider panel and two smaller ones or three identical sized panels so stay tuned for what I decide.

I also have decided that there’s a possibility of something a little different than wallpaper for the panels! Oooh wait and see…

So what do you think of the Jali radiator cover?

Don’t miss a thing!

This post was in association with Jali but all opinions, images, words, poor attempts at humour and general randomness are as always my own.

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