Now, I’m not one for resolutions, really. I never stick to them and so why set myself up for failure? I’m normally, however, very (unrealistically) ambitious for my plans for the house. If you’d told me when we moved in 3 1/2 years ago that it would take this long to get the house in order, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. But this is the way things go sometimes and I’ve learned to enjoy the ride.

So here are some of the things I’d LIKE to get done in 2014 along with some inspirational interiors that want me to get our arse in gear and get stuff done!  Bear in mind, these are the biggies but there will be plenty more bits and pieces along the way.

Living Room:  I ended 2013 talking about my plans for the bland wall in our living room. Some wall panels and wallpaper will dress up the room nicely and is essentially just a weekend’s worth of work so I think this is pretty attainable to complete (although the hunt for the perfect wallpaper is still in progress).  I’m also still on the hunt for an affordable cabinet that can be given a makeover for ‘black hole’ TV situation going on in there.

Dining Room:  Will this be the year we finally finish the flooring? I certainly hope so. I also want to get new lighting in there. Something like the fixture below would be incredible and I’ve been looking for some kind of vintage sputnik light fixture that doesn’t cost a million pounds for far too long but they are hard to come by in the UK. I’ve decided to rethink my choice in here so stay tuned for more on that!

Kitchen:  We need to finally make a decision on the worktops this year and with that will come a new sink and tap.  I also want some new brass lighting in here. I see swoony images like this and dream… perhaps 2014 will be the year this dream gets some wings!

Hallway and Stairs:  Another area we need to finish the flooring, give the stairs a makeover, possibly add wallpaper and/or paint, get some new lighting and accessories. I don’t have room for any grand furniture but I love the playful mix of patterns in this bright, welcoming entrance space.

Bathroom:  This is really priority number one for 2014 and while we basically took the month of December off, we’ll be starting again on the work this weekend. It needs to get done so we can get on with everything else that needs doing! How gorgeous is this bathroom below??

Guest Bedroom/Office:  This room needs a complete overhaul! I’ll be sharing my plans for this room very soon… stay tuned!

Dressing Room:  I have some ideas up my sleeve for small changes in this room (a new chair, a new full length mirror) but my big priority for the space will be adding some decorative moulding around the Billy Bookcases to make them look a bit more finished.

Cellar:  For as much that is done in the cellar, we still need to finish the stairwell and add a runner to the stairs and soundproof the walls on the far side of the room that adjoins with next door. We love a good Sing Star battle but we always fear our neighbours are listening, chuckling to themselves as we massacre Heart’s Alone.

Outside Space:  We’ve been meaning to extend the decking in the back garden for the last two years but unpredictable summers in Manchester means it’s a lower priority than other projects. Not sure if this will be completed this year but I’ll put it on the list anyway. Same with the brick patio area in the front of the house. It’s something I’d like to do if the weather, time and budget allows.

So those are the big check list items that are for 2014! Not exactly resolutions but just some of the bits and pieces we have planned DIY-wise! What have you got planned for the New Year? Do you make any resolutions for your home?

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