Not long after I moved the white bamboo chair from the deck to the dressing room, I realised that this chair was not really going to be a long term solution.  There were two issues – first, the chair was a bit too big for such a tiny room… but more importantly, it was WAY too heavy.  I pull the chair around all the time, not just to sit in it to do my makeup but also because my hairdryer and curling tongs are hidden on hooks underneath the vanity shelf.  Hoisting the chair around when I was half asleep at 7am to access this area just became very not fun very quickly.

I knew I needed something that was lighter physically and visually.  What popped in my head was the classic Philippe Starck Ghost Chair…
In the last 10 years, I think these chairs have moved from “trend” to “classic” – and I admit, for a while, I wasn’t a huge fan.  I’m not sure why – I felt they lacked gravitas in a space, they didn’t make enough of a statement.  Of course, the clue was in the name and this wasn’t lost on me but there was something about them I just didn’t quite get.
After seeing SO many images of them over the years, however, I’ve started to realise that there were certain settings where I felt they worked well.  I still am not a huge fan of them in a dining space (I know, I know, sacrilege). But in a space that’s, shall we say – diminutive – I thought they gave a space real style.  And where they were used as quiet little side chairs, there was suddenly a new appreciation for them…

Gorgeous, no?

So, when I was contacted by Metro Furniture to see if I wanted to try out one of their chairs for review I noticed that they had a chair “inspired by” the Louis Ghost Chair.  They had actually offered me something different but it wasn’t to my taste and so I asked if I could instead have this chair and I would be happy to pay the small difference in price.  (See it’s always good as a blogger to negotiate when dealing with businesses to get what you actually want and many are happy to oblige)  Metro agreed thankfully and the chair was quickly on its way to me.

I’d never purchased from Metro before but the whole idea of my accepting products – aside from the fact that I’m trying to do up a house and y’all that gets way expensive – is so that I can tell you in all honesty about my experiences with dealing with them and the quality of their products. And that’s always my intention. So this review is ever so slightly bittersweet.
Because when I received the chair and unwrapped the rather well-packaged parcel, it was with crushing disappointment I saw the chair was filthy.  Oh crap.

Now, the chair is obviously made of plastic so it was a 5 minute job to get it sparkling clean again.  But I contacted Metro to let them know what had happened.  I think what you have to remember when dealing with businesses is that things can and WILL go wrong – but it’s how they handle the situation when it happens that really makes the difference for me.

Well, literally within 5 minutes of sending the email, I had an email back expressing Metro’s shock and disappointment and their assurance that this was an anomaly and absolutely should not have happened. Soon after this, they sent another email saying they were in the process of getting to the bottom of what happened at the warehouse to ensure this doesn’t happen again and that they would happily refund the difference I had paid as a gesture of good will, expressing that my experience was simply not acceptable.

I mean, you can’t really ask more than that, can you?
And once the chair was cleaned up and in it’s place, I was really thrilled with it.  It’s sturdy without being too heavy, it’s built well, it’s comfortable to sit in and I love it in the space.

The cushion is a sparkly sequin number from H&M Home for a mere Β£8.  At that price, I purchased two – the other is currently giving my living room a bit of a disco vibe.

Speaking of the rest of the space, I’ve been zhushing as per normal because that’s what I do…

I recently picked up another tray from Nom Living (I have one in my kitchen as well as part of my little hot drinks station) to hold all my everyday makeup.  I love their gold leaf lacquered trays, they are just beautiful and work anywhere.

I also got two mini vintage brass brandy cups for next to nothing from eBay and have used one to hold my smallest makeup brushes and pencils.  I used a votive candle holder (another eBay find from a few years ago) for my larger brushes.

I made a tissue paper garland for Christmas but couldn’t bear throwing it away… so hung it on my window for now to enjoy.  I might put it somewhere else but I kind of like it bunched up and fluffy here for now.

I also changed up the shelf nearest the chest of drawers.  It’s always a little dark in this corner and it was a rainy day when I took these pictures (goodness, haven’t we had PLENTY of rain this winter?) so apologies for the lighting.

As you can see, I got my little Pop phone in here as well as my pencils and business cards but those will end up moving into the new office once that’s set up.  The Chanel book was also a Christmas gift (ooh I’m spoiled!).

So I finally have a chair that works for me in the dressing room thanks to Metro Furniture and I have to say that despite the issue with cleanliness of the chair, they quickly responded and rectified the situation which makes me more inclined to recommend them to you guys.

So what do you think of the new additions? What do you do when things go wrong when online shopping? Are you a fan of the Ghost Chair or would you rather they disappear all together? ;)

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Images 2 and 3 via Anya Adores  All others my own.

Disclaimer:  I was provided the Ghost inspired chair for free by Metro Furniture in exchange for my review but images, opinions, poor attempts at humour and general randomness are always my very own.

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