So this is why Meisha is not generally allowed to wander into my dressing room on her own.  Here’s what happened the day I took photos to share my latest dressing room updates.

She notices of course that I have the camera so sneaks in for a closer look.

She then must check the chair to ensure it doesn’t contain any foreign scents.  I think it checked out okay.

The chandelier is a dangly bit of temptation for her.  She’s always looking up at it, wondering if today is the day she’s going to finally get it.  What she will do once she gets up there is anyone’s guess.

What IS that thing my human is always totting around?! (It’s a camera.)

Confident that the chair is not getting her any closer to the chandelier, she realises there may in fact may be another way.

She climbs up my clothing (!!) to end up on top of the clothing rack… and then finds all sorts of things to distract her.

That hat clearly needs closer inspection. 

And now she must see whether today will be the day.

I clearly distract her yet again with that blasted shutter noise.

She’s going to have to get a little closer clearly… scramble scramble scramble…

Oh shit.  Now she’s stuck.

The End!

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