A few times a year, I like to swap around my accessories – it just makes the room feel a bit fresh and it doesn’t cost a thing (that’s kind of the best bit).  So while they aren’t massive changes, it’s just enough to make the room feel ready for the new season.

As it’s already in my head that I want to change the far wall (across from the bay window) so in preparation for whatever I decide (I’m not 100% sure of my decision yet but I have a couple ideas), I decided to incorporate my own art as well as one of the pieces that were on that wall to the little wallpapered chest of drawers.

A couple of the pieces remained the same but just by changing out the artwork and adding the ginger jar and topiary (which had been in my dining room) gave it a bit of a refresh.

I also changed up the coffee table vignette.  I struggle a little with this table, even though I love it (picked up for a mere Β£30 on eBay) but I never really know how to style it properly.  So here’s my newest attempt.

I planted some tiny succulents in a brass bowl I picked up for cheap on eBay to add a bit of life along with a little wooden carved box I got at a local thrift shop for a couple quid.  I’m debating whether to paint the box or leave it natural – what do you think?  And if I do paint it, what colour?  I’m thinking glossy white but should I go all crazy and do it in a glossy pink instead…?

You’ll also notice the only thing that’s really ‘new’ in the room – my beautiful Volupsa Maison Blanc ceramic candle.  It was sent to me by Scented Candle Shop to try out and I thought it worked really well with the yellow touches in the room.  I adore the packaging and the ceramic cap for when the candle isn’t in use.  The scent is soft and subtle – it smells a bit like fresh clean sheets.  Yum!

I also added a few more plants (yes, yes, it’s an addiction, I admit) but I’m loving how this window is filling out.  My foo dogs are now hanging out in the living room too after taking their leave from my dining room mantle.

I don’t think I shared my cushion before either, sent to me by the lovely Abigail Bell from textile designers Abigail*Ryan.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  I love their prints so much and I really treasure the friendships I make through blogging – I met her after we featured her and husband Ryan’s work on AO at Home.  She’s a total sweetheart and so crazy talented.  I love it in this spot.

And finally, I just changed up the artwork behind my sofa and swapped around the cushions too.

The zebra cushions were on my dining chairs originally and the flamingo print used to be on the wallpapered chest of drawers.  I think the black and white grounds the room a bit despite the crazy mix of patterns in the room!  Not for everyone I realise, but I do like it!

So those are my recent little updates!  What do you think?  Do you swap around your accessories a few times a year too?

My Volupsa candle was sent to me free of charge by the Scented Camdle Shop for my review but all images, opinions and rambling thoughts, are as always, entirely my own.

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