We’ve had the whole glorious week off of work.  We have both been so busy over the last few months and giving ourselves a little break was definitely in order…

Plus, we were picking up this little girl…

If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you will have seen your feed flooded with pictures because well… I can’t really help myself.  I mean LOOK AT THAT FACE.

Meisha is crazy inquisitive, wants to get into all sorts of mischief all the time and so you have to keep your eye on her.  As such, since Tuesday, we’ve basically had our lives taken over by this little baby Bengal.

I mean, look at the monstrosity of a cat climbing play centre thing that I’ve put into my home.  It’s gotta be love, there’s no other explanation.

So you’ll have to indulge me sharing her with you.  I’ve gotta get it out of my system.  And for the non-cat lovers out there, I can only apologise.  Interior posts will resume shortly.

She has made us laugh endlessly.  Her very first evening with us, she tackled one of these little hanging mouse toys, grabbed the tail in her teeth, flung herself against the side and gripping with every scrap of might in her teeny tiny body, she ripped the thing RIGHT OFF.  Oh yes, this one is gonna be trouble.

Pablo, our other cat, on the other hand, is not so enamoured.  That we have introduced something that’s no bigger than a large rat into the house has not gone over too well.  He’s not (and I believe won’t)  hurt her or anything – just a bit of hissing at the moment but she’s only been with us for 2 days as I write this and I’m hoping that in time, he’ll come to accept her.  In fact, I’m sure he will.  Cats are territorial creatures and unlike dogs, are not pack animals, so we taking things slowing and making sure Pablo is getting extra cuddles and his own time with us to make the transition for him a little easier.

In the meantime, Meisha is bringing us so much joy.  She’s very vocal (she likes to announce every time she uses her litter tray much to our amusement and while she’s eating, she chats to her ‘prey’) and she’s wonderfully affectionate (as soon as you pet her, a loud humming purr emanates from her tiny body as she leans into your hand).

It’s a little hard not to fall in love.  I know this period in her life won’t last forever so we’re enjoying it while we can.  And taking far too many pictures… ;)

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