I know I usually start off the week with a project post and we did get some serious labour done this weekend so I’ll be sharing that with you soon!  But as it’s a Bank Holiday here in the UK today and as most of us have today off, I thought I’d share with you someone we’ll be welcoming into the family very soon.

As you may already know, we lost our gorgeous 12 year old female ginger Senna back in July.  She was a pain in the arse and a total diva and our relationship with her was completely on HER terms… but you know, we loved her completely and totally.  That’s what pets do to you, they adopt you and you are helplessly in their service for as long as they are with you.  And she was so quirky, so entertaining that we know we’ll never ever be able to replace her.  We’ll just never have another cat like her.
But we realised something.  The house feels REALLY empty without 2 cats running around.  We think our other cat Pablo is lonely without her.  He’s always been a bit needy but he seems more so now.  There was a time when he was just going out into the garden and meowing to no one.  We think he might have been calling her.  I don’t know.  We anthropomorphise our animals, give them human emotions but it just seemed his behaviour changed.  We want to give Pablo a companion again to keep him company and of course, a companion for ourselves too. 
So, after a ton of research about the breed (to ensure we knew what we were in for!) and a ton of research around breeders (to ensure we were choosing the right one!), we decided we wanted a Bengal cat.
We went to a breeder this weekend to choose our kitten and we decided on this gorgeous little creature.
Say hello to Meisha…

She was soooo hyper and wriggly it was nearly impossible to get a good shot of her so apologies for the bit of blur!!

Her markings are unbelievably beautiful – perfect leopard print rosettes.  Yes, I’m getting a leopard print cat – I mean how perfect is she for me? ;)
Just to give you an idea of her size… she’s just a little thing but was the most rambunctious of the bunch.  The breeder said she was the naughtiest of the litter.

Yes, we are crazy and yes, she will probably tear my home to bits but I honestly can’t wait to welcome her into our home.  Luckily, Pablo is a pretty passive cat and despite being 10 years old, he’s quite playful so we’re very hopeful he will acclimate quickly to a new little beastie running around biting his tail! ;)

We pick her up in a couple of weeks.  CAN’T.  WAIT.

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