First off, a little hint of what we got up to on the Bank Holiday weekend… and alas, it wasn’t the bathroom remodel. Instead, we took advantage of the last of the summer weather and opened a can of whoopass on the garden.

(Do people still say ‘open a can of whoopass’?  Am I showing my age?  Wait. Don’t answer that.) 

Oh yeah,  it got hardcore this weekend.  I mean, look at that grimace – that’s a grimace that means BUSINESS.  Stay tuned for more.

In the meantime, I actually got a little crafty recently and I thought I’d share with you what I made!

I needed a craft post for AO at Home and so I bought a bunch of pretty paper, a couple of big hole punches and got to making my very own paper garland.

Now while I’m pretty handy with DIY, I’m not really much of a crafter so when this came out as I’d hoped, I was dead proud.

It was SO EASY. You can go here for the tutorial.

Also, I have been dreaming about creating a new home office out of our spare bedroom (y’all that room needs some SERIOUS help right now.  Like, it’s properly embarrassing showing it to people.).  Want to see the moodboard I created?  It includes this ridiculously gorgeous wallpaper from Abigail Ryan and a rather delightful turquoise office chair.  You can see a lot more of it here.

So have you been getting your craft on lately?  Decorating rooms if only in your fantasies?  Tackling a garden makeover?  Do tell…

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