I’ll just apologise now firstly for my lack of post yesterday and also for the fact that I haven’t had the time to visit all those blogs on my reader this week.  It’s been a bit of a madhouse around here as the bathroom remodel progresses, albeit slowly.

Can I just say one more time for good measure – it ALWAYS takes longer and costs more than you think it will.   Sigh.

This weekend was spent almost entirely on the bathroom with me taking a few hours here and there to get the rest of the house in some kind of order, relieving it of the chaos of a remodel room by messy room.  Weekend?  What weekend?

However, here’s how far we got…

Let me introduce you to our newly tiled floor (which has yet to be grouted)…

You want more?  Oh, go on then…

The tiles are from Fired Earth from their Patisserie range.  I do love them and they make me happy.

You want more??  Goodness, you’re greedy ;)  How bout the fact that we finally have  a working sink? 

You have no idea how happy I am about this particular feature as we’ve been living with a bucket – A BUCKET ON A STEPLADDER – for the last 2 weeks.  Oh my god, yes.

The bowl sink is another item I purchased from Bathrooms.com.  The Forest Counter Top basin is only Β£39 on their website on the moment – bargain!  And the sink console is from Next which is now on bloody CLEARANCE for Β£120.  Yes, I am kicking myself as we paid full price for it.  (Don’t you hate when that happens?)  But I do love my little Anthro knobs on it.

We also tiled around the entire perimeter in the dark tile except for a few spots where we weren’t quite able to.  This obviously has yet to be grouted as well.

We bought a circular attachment for the drill specifically made for ceramic tiles so we can cut the tiles for around the sink taps and it did ONE CUT before it was too dull to do another.  Lesson learned:  there’s no point in buying a cheap drill bit.  Absolutely pointless and a false economy.  So we’ve had to order a new one.

Let’s have another look at that floor shall we?  Ain’t she purty?

So it may not seem like much but that floor was not the easiest to lay due to our awkward bathroom layout and crooked walls so it was all much of a muchness.  Honestly, I was on my feet from 9am – 8pm on Saturday and 10am – 9pm on Sunday.  How do you people with physical labour jobs DO THIS?  I’m so unfit.  My whole body ached after this weekend…

One more shot of the sink unit…  And guess what?  The taps are too low.  No clue how that happened as we’d measured it all up.  However, we’re going to rectify this small matter by chopping off the legs of the unit to make it sit a bit lower!  We’re FREAKING GENIUSES!  So more work to do there too – AHAHAHA!! (Oh god, I’m going insane now.)

As it goes, the work continues this week as much as we can.  At least the pretty bits are going on now so by my next update, more pretty will be shown!  There’s still lots and lots of tiling to do as well as grouting of course, a bath panel to fit, lighting and an extractor fan to install, skirting board to be sanded, painted and reinstalled… blah blah blah.

Can you tell I’m tired of this now?!  Genuinely, I am so happy and grateful that we can do this, don’t get me wrong but I am SO IMPATIENT and just want a finished bathroom now and to get my clean house back!

And maybe some sleep… ;)

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