Apologies for the sporadic posts recently – being under the weather means a real lack of motivation to put posts together as I’m working from home as well at the moment and so my energy is being taken up by that.

However, I did snap some pics in the garden just before I got ill and so I figured I’d share those with you!  I got a new table cloth and some outdoor cushions from – believe it or not – Very’s Tex Mix collection which I just fell in love with.  Because it’s barely rained here the last 2 weeks or so (which for Manchester is fairly shocking) I’ve been able to enjoy having them out!

My last post about the patio was just as Spring was breaking and so nothing had really grown too much – now the garden has sprung to life, the ivy is green and full and my flowers are going strong.

I also got the matching cushions on my little deck that leads out from the kitchen.

And added another set of solar lights just to cheer up the space a bit…

This deck has been looked at in disgust for quite a long time but adding some more pots of flowers, the bay tree that I’m trying to nurse back to health and the cushions has improved it a bit, even if we probably won’t get around to extending it this year and getting new furniture (on the list for 2014!).

 10 points if you can find the kitty in the pictures….

I would love to put an outdoor rug out here if I can find one in the UK that I like (seriously envious of you guys in the US – the selection here is just grim), get a new cute side table and some nice lounging chairs, add some trellis to the white brick wall and hang some herbs… but it’s all in good time!  Have you been zhushing up your outdoor space lately?

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