Hello chickens!  First, thank you for all the lovely well-wishes on my yuckness.  I am still struggling a bit but the fact that yesterday I managed to hobble around for about 5 minutes without Wayne having to hold me up tells me that I’m starting to kick this illness’s arse and it won’t be too long I hope until I’m mobile again.

Honestly, if I ever whinge about my legs being too short or my thighs being too fat or that they are too pasty or whatever – you have permission to smack me right in the face and tell me YES BUT THEY WORK.  And that, my friends, is something that is way too easy to take advantage of – cuz when one of them doesn’t?  I promise you’ll notice.

I also realise that I was supposed to announce a winner in my book giveaway of A Place Called Home.  Apologies that I’m late on that one.

There were 10 entries (where is everyone? you all outside playing in the sunshine without me or something?) and the lovely Random.Org deemed the winner to be….


Keep an eye out for an email from me so we can get your book to you :)  And thank you to everyone that entered! I think we can all agree that there is something so wonderfully casual and natural about Australian style.  If you do like the book and you haven’t won, why not add it to your collection by purchasing it here.

Now of course, I have a backlog of posts for you here but Wayne said he can tell I’m feeling better because this morning before he left for work, I asked him if he could get me the tape measure.  Always a sign things are looking up.  It’s cuz I need to start making some decisions on this…


Happy Weekend lovelies.

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