I love how freaking opinionated you lot are so I thought I’d throw this out there.  I had my heart set on stripey hooks for my bathroom remodel and then these beautiful things caught my eye and now I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO.

Tell me which you prefer (you can see the design here.).  I think Option 1 matches the design scheme better but Option 2 makes me weak in the knees with it’s beauty.  HELP ME.

Speaking of the bathroom design, look at the lovelies that graced my doorstep the other day!  My tile samples, the pendant for the bathroom and the mirror all turned up on the same day!  It was like Christmas came early!!

In other news, here was my week in Instagram – as you can see Swoon Worthy HQ is blooming with flowers!

1.  My bar cart got gussied up with branches from the tree in my garden which is in full bloom.  I also got a little brass cocktail shaker which is SO CUTE.
2.  My living room got the flowered branch treatment as well.  I can’t help myself – they smell gorgeous as well.
3.  My lovely friend Sarah brought me these flowers as I wasn’t feeling well, sweetie that she is!  As I didn’t have a suitable vase, I stuck them in a plant pot.  It may be a bit weird, but I think they look really cute!
4.  My peonies are FINALLY blooming!  They are so late this year but there are 14 BUDS on my plant this year – it’ll be the biggest crop of peonies ever and I couldn’t be more excited for these luscious pink beauties.

And finally, I have to tell you about my poor Senna kitty.

The poor thing started the week having to get a bath (have you ever tried to bathe a cat?  It’s not a walk in the park, let me tell you) because she wasn’t reacting well to the flea medication we gave her so we decided to wash her coat to be safe.  Afterwards, as you can see from that LOOK, she was NOT HAPPY with us.  However, she seems to have taken a liking to the bathroom – every time I go in there, she’s hanging out in there.   Yesterday, I found her asleep on the side of the tub.  She’s a complete freak.

So that’s my Random Post of the Week!  Happy Friday peeps!  Hope you all have a nice weekend and please let me know what I should do about the hooks – I’m all ears! ;)

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