So this week, the new issue of 25 Beautiful Homes is out and my little humble abode is featured.

The behind-the-scenes photoshoot and my feelings about appearing in a magazine is all in this post.

IT’S STILL WEIRD.  I don’t really know what to think.  It hasn’t sunk in.  Still.

What I do know is that Kathy Hurst, the journalist and Haydn Rydings, the photographer worked some magic and I couldn’t be more pleased.

(Although the article says I live in Stockport which I don’t but that’s neither here nor there – I live in Cheadle Heath.)

But other than that tiny little minor nothing detail, the interview is wonderful and I don’t sound like a total moron by some miracle and the pictures are amazing.  I so wish my scanned version was better so you can see it clearly but Haydn really gave the whole place such a cool moody vibe – I’m IN LOVE with his photographs.  If you are in the UK and you fancy picking up the magazine, you can see how nice the images really are.

Plus, they called the article ‘DRAMA QUEEN’.  Oh my god, I love that too.

Here’s the whole article.  Right click and either ‘Open in New Tab’ or ‘Open in New Window’ to view it at full size.


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