So we got away for a couple of days for Wayne’s 40th birthday.  A few months ago, when I asked him what he wanted to do, he told me he wanted a weekend away in a cabin with a hot tub, somewhere far enough away to feel like we’re away but not so far away that we’ll be exhausted from the drive there and back.  So I chose Lincolnshire as our destination, never having been there myself before (he’d only been there once, as a kid).

We arrived on Friday night after a lovely drive through the Peak District (also gorgeous by the way, scenic routes that are scenic?  Yes please.), made ourselves comfortable and took advantage of the cool clear night to try out the hot tub.  Looking at the stars from what feels like a warm bath is just a fabulous experience.  I can’t recommend it enough. 

On Saturday morning, we drove towards the coast and parked up in Skegness.  It’s your typical rundown seaside town and not really to my taste but I have to admit, the beaches are lovely and clean with soft sand.  And as we were there off season, there were very few people about which made the long stretches of beach and clear blue sky, a welcome respite from the norm.

We had a long wander down the coast – I’m not even entirely sure where we ended up but it was one of those weekends where it really didn’t matter.

On the advice of a workmate, we visited Historic Lincoln on Sunday which was only about 10 miles away from where we were staying.  It’s a lovely town and I really enjoyed taking lots of pictures while Wayne rolled his eyes (he loves me really).  We took in the sites, visited the cathedral as well as the castle there.

But first we had to trek up a monster hill.  The hard work was worth it.

At the bottom…  It doesn’t look as steep here as it actually was.  Killer, honestly.

This little fairy door was on the way up this hill – so cute, it was tiny!  (I did not stop to take the picture just because I needed a break – no, not at all.)

At the top (breathless).

Once at the top of the hill, we were rewarded with ancient architecture and lovely cobblestone streets.

The cathedral

Some details…

The entrance to the castle

A pretty turquoise door.  Now of course, I’m thinking maybe I should have gone with turquoise for my own!  Sigh.

I want window boxes like this!  So pretty.
Georgian architecture – I think.  Correct me if I’m wrong.

After our little tour, we headed back down the monster hill to the town below and had a lovely lunch on the pier.

It was such a lovely trip and I apologise for all the images in this post but Lincolnshire was just so damn picturesque that I had to share!  It was a lovely weekend in all and I have much to catch up on since I’ve been away and lots of blogs to visit :)

What did you get up to this weekend? Have you ever been to Lincolnshire? 

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