So I got back from holiday realising that none of my laundry or cleaning for the weekend actually got done.  (Why have they not trained little birds and forest animals to clean yet?  I was deceived by Disney!! Deceived I say!!) As I unpacked I noticed that the dressing room needed it’s weekly dusting and vacuuming so I threw in a load of laundry and began my chores.

It was after I removed items from the dressing room shelves to dust that I realised I hadn’t changed anything up for a while and so began my fun (yes, this is what I do for fun – Wayne calls it ‘faffing’, I call it ‘creative decorating’).  I decided the shelves needed some lightening up, especially the one nearest the chest of drawers – it was filled with boots and dark shoes, many of which I realised I didn’t wear often enough for them to be on display all the time so I thinned and edited… and then began to introduce a couple of accessories that had overflowed from other parts of the house.

The brass swans I got from eBay for a song but they were languishing unloved in the bottom of my bar cart.  They are so much better as a holder for some of my everyday bracelets.  I also changed out the frame on the card I received from bloggie mate Meera of First Sense to lighten the space a bit.

The geometric brass orb is actually from a set of candleholders I got recently from Abigail Ahern.  I love the shape and the gold finish but as I didn’t have any candles that fit the hole (why don’t they make these kinds of things in a standard size?) I decided to use it to display a set of chopsticks beautifully wrapped in a silk bag that I saved as a souvenir from my company’s Christmas party.

The glass jars and tray I’ve had in here for some time.

The shelf nearest the dresser got the attention it needed as well.  Thinning out the amount of items and creating a nicer vignette in the middle shelf.

I got this box of matches when I was in London for the Meet The Blogger conference.  I love it and the colours work well in the space too.

I needed better storage for my mass of skinny bangles and this little glass vase serves the purpose of showing them off neatly as well as giving me a spot to hang a couple of my everyday earrings.  You’ll notice the brass kangaroo is hanging out here now too.

A postcard received from the lovely Kirsty of A Safe Mooring has been ‘framed’ as well – I love the sentiment on it!
It says ‘Maybe I want to look cheap.’  Indeed. 

I made a few changes on the other shelf too.  Emily (yes she has a name) got a snazzy new headscarf.

And the items got a bit of a switch-around.  You’ll notice the second gold candleholder sits on the top shelf.

I also realised I’d never shown the chair I’ve been using for months now for my vanity table.  I simply recovered the seat with a cushion cover – use whatcha got, right?  The pink velvet cushion is from H&M and was in the living room.

Total cost of the refresh?  Zilch.  Zero.  Nadda.  Just used what I already had – which really is the best kind of a Spring refresh, don’t you think?  SHOP YOUR HOUSE.  Ya hear it all the time but it does make sense, especially when you have an eBay addiction seem to accumulate bits and bobs that don’t really have a proper home.

So those are my little changes I made in the dressing room to give it a bit of a refresh.  Do you move lots of stuff around to give your home a new look too?

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