I’m having a little bit of a break.  Not a long one, just a few days and I’ll be back soon :)  It’s Wayne’s birthday this weekend and we’ve decided to have a wee rest away from the world.

Running two blogs is fun but goodness, I never really switch off.  If I’m not working on the work blog, I’m working on this one, answering emails, responding to comments and visiting the fabulous blogs on my bloglovin’ account or I’m working on projects for the blog my home. And, well, sometimes you just need to recharge the batteries.

So a few days without the internet and without projects or posts has been ordered by the management.  That management being Wayne.

While I’m away, if you haven’t visited the AO blog for a bit, you’ll find lots of good stuff…

I talked about my 12 favourite animal crafts

and had the wonderful privilege of interviewing Elissa of online homewares shop Magpie Miller

and did a Spring Palette Buying Guide taking inspiration from an Anthropologie Plate and giving some tips on introducing colour in your home.  The image is interactive as well (so cool, no?) so you can actually just click on each object and go straight to the place you can buy it.  It’s kinda neat and no one has commented yet so if you can say hello, that’d be great :)

We’ve also got a new blogger on board, the very funny Finn of Modern Paleo Warfare who’s offered up his first recipe of Orange, Ginger and Honey Sticky Ribs as well as two burnt fingers.  You’ll laugh.  I promise.

See you on the other side ;)

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