So you’ll probably be relieved to know that despite the sheer amount of pictures in this post, this will probably be one of the last posts about the dining room that you’ll see for a while.  And that’s because there’s really not much more to do in here.

Ok, that’s not entirely true – there are a few little bits and pieces left but nothing too major (aside from the flooring!) and to be honest, there are more pressing matters in the rest of the house that require attention so I’m pretty happy to call this one ‘almost done’.

My gallery wall – which I’ve been working on for two years !!! – is finally done.  Y’all it takes a LONG time to fill a whole wall.

But the last remaining pieces are now in place and it’s done.  All done.

This gorgeous baby I got from here.  I love his face, I love his little headdress.  He’s probably my favourite now.  The illustration is by Jamie Mitchell.

The gold foil prints – the ones that say, ‘happiness is made for you’ and ‘Bonjour Amour, Bon Jour’ are both from Sarah and Bendrix.

We’ve also finally got a rug in here as I mentioned in this post.  It’s taken me AGES to decide on a rug and in the end, I went for this rather cute one from Urbanara – a rag rug that’s huge and ties all the colours from the rest of the room.  And the tablecloth is from H&M.

You’ll be very proud of me by the way.  Every shot I took for this post was on MANUAL SETTINGS.  Yes, I’m finally getting to grips with my DSLR.   I borrowed the tripod from Wayne’s telescope as mine has disappeared somewhere (how someone can lose a tripod in their own home is beyond me but I’ve managed it).  I’m pretty happy with the way the shots came out considering this is my first time!

So you’ll have to forgive me for the million and one shots in this post.  I’m going to stop talking now and just share.

You can see I also added a few of my own pieces in here as well like The Telltale Heart and a couple tiny ones I created at a workshop when I went to Meet The Blogger London (which I failed to blog about because I’m kind of shit like that sometimes – soz). The colour pallete in here may seem crazy but really it’s just shades of orange, pink, turquoise and blue – and it’s all tied together with my two large canvas paintings.

I would still like to replace this console but I haven’t been able to find anything else within my budget so I’m going to leave it as is for the time being.

And I’d love a different table for this side of the room but I’m looking for PERFECT and I haven’t found it yet… plus I REALLY need to get one of those wall tie things for the roller pully thing hanging from the window!  The curtain is shoved against the rad just because I was trying to let as much light into the room as possible ;)

So anyway, thanks for sticking with me through the million and one changes this room has progressed through to get it to this point.   Remember when it looked like this?

I know I drag things out but it takes time, money, patience and elbow grease to get a room right.  And we still need to refinish the floors as I mentioned.  And of course, it’s still evolving cuz it always will be, that’s just how it goes with interior design freaks (you know what I mean, right? I know you do).  But for now, I’m gonna stick a fork in this one and call it done.  For now ;)

Oooh, just to mention, if you want to read my 10 Tips for a Fabulous Gallery Wall, I reveal all my secrets.

And if you want to see what the dining room looks like now (because of course it wasn’t done!), you can find that here.

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