Well, you may have noticed that I’ve made a few changes around here.  Let’s call it Spring Cleaning, shall we?  If you are viewing my blog via Reader, you’ll have to click on through to the website or if you are on a Mobile, you’ll have to click on ‘Desktop Version’ to see the whole shebang ;)

I started off with a new header design.  I FINALLY figured out how to create that gold foil effect for the letters which is something I’ve wanted for I can’t even tell you HOW long.  I’m learning more and more on Photoshop every week and it’s been fun using some of the skills I’ve learned to create something that feels so much more like me!  It’s actually just a gold foil background of which I ‘cut out’ the letters.  I know for those of you who are like Photoshop MASTERS this is probably all really obvious but hey, I’m a total novice so for me it was a revelation!

Here’s what the old one looked like in case you are little scatterbrained like me and can’t even remember what you had for breakfast never mind what someone’s blog header used to look like.

When I created the previous design, I kinda liked it but I knew it wasn’t exactly what I was going for and I just didn’t have the patience that’s required to really start to understand how to make changes to your HTML.  But people, honestly, you don’t have to be scared.  There are tutorials for EVERYTHING out there.  Want to remove the boxes around your images?  Want to centre your blog header?  Want to remove the lines between the page tabs under the header?  Want to change the lines between the posts or the sidebar or between your widgets?  Want to add pretty social media buttons? It’s all out there, just google your question and the answers are there.  I’ve saved some of the tips I found on my Pinterest Board, Hey I Can Do That – and yes, YOU CAN.

Blogger doesn’t make it easy though – and everything you do goes live immediately but you can preview every change as you do it so if you severely cock something up you’ll know from the preview and you can just back out of it!

Anyway, getting back to the new design – I really wanted something a lot cleaner and less cluttered than I had before.  So the font has changed, the background of wiggly pale blue lines has gone and it’s got a bit of sparkle with the gold in the header and in my social media buttons.  But of course, this is real life baby so a big spill of peacock blue paint over all that sophistication was definitely in order (I might even change that ‘paint colour’ depending upon the season.  Or my mood.).  I decided to add a fancy frame around my image as well because you know, I’m all about the boho glam here.

I’ve also finally changed my ‘button’ so if you’ve got one on your blog (and if you do, I heart you and smother you with sloppy kisses) so if you want to change it, its in my sidebar.

I’ve tweaked LOADS and I’m still making some little changes but overall, it’s starting to feel like home.  And plus, I didn’t have to pay anyone to do it so more money in the pocket for pretties.  I’m still considering moving to Word Press at some point in the future but for the time being, I’m a happy camper.

What do you think of the new look?

On a slightly unrelated note, if you follow me via Google Reader, sadly Google will be shutting it down on 1st July.  So if you still want to keep up, I would implore you kindly to follow me on Bloglovin’.  It’s what  I use to keep up to date on all my favourite blogs and I really like it.

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