Well, Red Magazine came out the other day with my actual face in it’s actual pages.  Alongside a picture of my dining room lovingly photographed late last year by the very lovely Laura Aziz.  It’s WEIRD y’all.  WEIRD.  I’m excited and elated.  What the heck am I doing in a magazine?!?!  But yeah, that kind of self-deprecating madness still invades my thoughts but overall I’m pretty damn pleased.

Right click the image below and ‘open in new window’ or ‘open in new tab’ to be able to view it at full size.

If you are in the UK, it should be available for a while – Amanda de Cadenet graces the front cover.  I’m on page 228 in an article entitled ‘Styling the right mood’.  It opens with this thought:

“How your living space makes you feel is down to far more than having a comfy sofa.  From calming paint shades to energising patterns, four women on how they create the perfect atmosphere.”

I love how the article really captured my ‘look’ (‘Indulgent’) with the quirky accessories around it (I totally want to buy that glass parrot – I might have to now.)  You’ll have to indulge me while I give a  big thank you to Sarah Keady, the Living Editor of Red Magazine who approached me about the feature and also interviewed me – she’s a fan of the blog and a regular reader!  I honestly have the coolest readers, I’m so humbled by that every day.  Thank you, Sarah, for taking my inane ramblings about decorating and managing to make me sound like I actually know what I’m talking about! I can even forgive you for telling the whole world I’m 40 ;)

So there it is, folks – my first print feature.  25 Beautiful Homes will be out very soon too so stay tuned for that one!  Eeek!  So freaking exciting!

Happy Easter everyone – hope you are having a gorgeous weekend!  I certainly am :)


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