This posting once a week malarky is not working for me.  I’ve got so much to share!  But life has been so manic lately over the last few weeks with my birthday celebratories then a long weekend in Stockholm for Meet The Blogger and two magazine interviews and a photoshoot!  I’m a homebird completely and this sort of craziness is just so not normal for me.

However, I just wanted to start with this… I’m running my first ever competition for the @Home blog this week and I couldn’t be more excited!  I really want this to be a success so I’m going to ask for a wee favour if you are in the UK – PLEASE ENTER!  You’d be doing me a favour and you can be winning a gorgeous little chair in the process.

I specifically chose this as a prize because of how much I love my own little tub chair…

The chair is worth £545 and it’s so petite, it means it could really fit just about anywhere plus it comes in 9 different colours so it could work in pretty much any color palette you may have in your home.  I’ve actually considered buying another one to put in my bedroom, that’s how much I love mine.

So please please please go on over to the competition page and enter.  Plus, you can tweet each day and you’ll get more chances to win :)

In other news, the photographer from 25 Beautiful Homes was here yesterday so I’ll be sharing some behind-the-scenes action with you soon as well as some of the other changes I’ve made in the last week in the lead up to the shoot.   So stay tuned and have a lovely weekend!

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