I have to say, there is nothing quite like an impending photoshoot to get your arse in gear and get a few things ticked off the list.  With merely a week to prepare myself, I’ve made a few little changes and additions that I’m going to be sharing with you very soon!

That blank wall in the dining room that was perplexing me has really come along nicely, however, and I thought I’d share that with you first.

I knew I had an amazing screen print by artist Rosie Emerson coming that I’d won in a competition with massive thanks to Fabric of My Life and Vivo London.  I finally got it on Friday, all wrapped up, still warm from its display at Stepney Green Design Collection.  I honestly couldn’t be more chuffed at winning this fabulous piece of art (limited edition #9 of 20! Ack!).  It’s beautiful in pictures but it’s STUNNING in person.  Sitting above the console was always going to be the perfect home for it and I think it grounds the colourful abstract art beside it quite nicely.

Check out the detail… isn’t she mysterious and beautiful?  And she’s got shells all over her head. I’m a little in love with her.


Moving on… I also decided to join the blogorama and get myself a little fiddle leaf fig tree.  He’s only just a little chap (more plant than tree) at the minute but I’m hoping he’ll grow up to be rather special.  I got it at IKEA in Manchester for a mere £13.  I got the pot in B&Q as I loved the 70’s style wood effect of it and it seemed to work with that big leaf retro look of the plant.

Apologies for the crap photography!
My lighting wasn’t great for this shoot and this blurred a bit! Meh.

I still need some kind of plant stand for him, however.  But we’re getting there.

Finally, I purchased another plant in IKEA.  It’s a footstool palm and I loved it’s big spiky palm leaves.  I potted him in a little gold number also found at IKEA.  I also added two little pale turquoise vases I bought while I was in Stockholm.

And finally, I found these cute little vintage brass leaves wall hanging from Caprock Vintage on Etsy not long ago.  I had no idea at the time where I was going to put them but I knew I had to have them.

Again, my photography was severely lacking here.
I need to find my bloody tripod to get better shots!

So here’s what the wall looked like when we started…

And this was the progress last time we saw it…

And this is what it looks like now…

Better no?  I have to admit, I actually am pretty happy with the way this wall is progressing, slowly but surely.  And I’ve spent very very little money on getting it to this state which is a bonus.

I know the changes are pretty subtle but I feel like it’s all starting to come together, ya know?  I’m still on the lookout for a different console table – the legs mean that I have no area for storage underneath it which I would have preferred but for now, I’m pretty happy how my little project has come out.

However, there are more changes afoot in the dining room – not big drastic changes but definite zhushing including FINALLY having window treatments in this room.  Stay tuned for more…

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