Not sure what it is about the easily collectible and even more displayable brass animal that makes me so happy but goodness, they are stinkin’ cute.

I found most of mine on eBay.  For cheap as well.  In fact, I’ve never paid more than a tenner (most somewhere around Β£5-7 including shipping) except for this rather lovely chap which was double that but considering it’s size was well worth every penny.

I can’t remember where I saw them first.  It might have been in Jen Ramos’ old Las Vegas apartment on Apartment Therapy.

Or maybe it was long before that in 2011 when I first saw Bailey Quinn’s Chicago home in Rue magazine.

And then seeing them pop up all over blogland like a crazy golden rash of loveliness.  I read with envy on Sea of Shoes when Jane Aldred and her mum found the motherload of all brass animals last year.

 Yes – loud and proud, small and lovely, I take my brass animals however they come.  Just not like this.

Yes there are bad brass animals on eBay.  Be warned.
This ad says they’ve sold 105 of them.  Save me from this world.

But like this?   Oh yes.  Notice the books acting as a sort of chastity belt to any possible inter-species hanky-panky.


Whenever it was when this obsession started, it has not yet abated.  And so I’ve added and added to my own collection.  I like mine sat on top of books…

Notice I have a pair and yet they are NOT humping.  I keep them in different rooms just to be sure though.

But just ya know, hanging out on tables and stuff is cool too.  My little kangaroo hides on my console table in plain sight.

And my new crane looks all majestic and shit hanging out in my living room.

I need a few more I reckon.  Like this fierce little cheetah just being cool as f**k on a table.  Check out the attitude.   You’d almost be afraid to eat your dinner in front of him lest he makes you part of his.


Or maybe a big fat happy hippo to sit on a side table like this guy.  She’s all like, ‘Oooh yeah, this cool marble is nice on my butt.’  Look at that little smile!  My fat ginger cat never looks this happy.


I like them adding a little whimsy to a dining table too.



Here’s my version from my Christmas table.  Still seperated.

So as  you can see, this is a most versatile accessory.  They work anywhere – in bookshelves, coffee tables, consoles, side tables and dining tables.  Even better, there’s no cleaning up after their messes or having to deal with molting.  You really can’t go wrong here.  And the more, the merrier.

Have you started your collection?*

*If not and you want to start, here’s an eBay listing to get you started.

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