Hey my lovelies!  Are you bemoaning the snowfall in the UK?  Or are you getting fully involved and digging out those sledges?  Either way, I hope your week is going splendiferously. (totally a word)

I’m going to be getting my art on this weekend.  I purchased an easel even! And PAINTS. I know, I know, this is like serious painter type person stuff!  But I’m excited because my dining room wall needs something bold and colourful.  So using stuff like this as inspiration, I’m going to just see what happens.


I love a good abstract, don’t you?  Oh and this one too…


Small brushstrokes, lots of layers and lots of colour.  That’s the objective.  Whether I fulfill my objective remains to be seen as it could just look like a lot of Care Bears were massacred.


Entirely possible.

Anyway, what else have I been up to this week aside from dreaming I’m the next Jen Ramos?  Well, let me just tell ya.

Over on the @Home blog, I had a look at pairing my go-to neutral grey with lots of gorgeous bright colours including this rather fabulous Emerald Green.  Swoon worthy indeed.

I also talked about Home Offices and making sure yours is both functional and beautiful because what’s the point of working from home if it just looks like a boring cubicle?

Finally, I had the privilege of interviewing Zoe Darlington, a hot new talent in the world of British Design.  She makes the most fabulous lampshades I’ve ever seen and I’m a massive fan of her work which marries traditional craftsmenship with that interminable British wit.

Go on and hop on over to the @Home blog (or click on any of the images to be taken straight to the post) – it would be lovely to see ya over there!

Wishing you a gorgeous weekend with endless cups of tea made by someone else!

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