So I’ve been thinking a lot about consoles and sideboards for my dining room lately.

I already have a sideboard in there which I’m perfectly happy with.   Here’s a picture of that one taken just a couple of months ago.

So what’s the problem?

The problem,  my lovelies, is the wall to the other side.  A big blank wall that is stumping me in terms of what to do with it.  Here’s another pic from the summer but it’s not changed too much since then.  The door to the left goes to the hallway, the door to the right goes to the cellar.

That framed print I’ve had for years.  It was stuck on that wall not long after we moved in to fill the space and forgotten about, all lonely and boring.  I don’t hate it but I don’t love it either.  I think it’s served it’s purpose and it’s time to move on.

That space between the two door frames is around 2.2 meters or just over 7ft wide.  There’s room enough for something narrow against that wall (around 40cm / 16″ in depth would be about right) which would still allow for someone to be sat in the chairs and another to walk behind them.  But what do I want?  The possibilities are endless and that’s probably what’s keeping me from making any decisions.

The first question as an interior design enthusiast is, of course, what I actually want from the space?

I think I would like something with storage because you just can never have too much storage, can you?  But it’s not entirely a dealbreaker.  I’d also love to have some way of displaying servewear as I love pretty plates and glasses and I’d be able to indulge myself if I had somewhere to actually put it other than on the kitchen shelves.  But again, that’s not really a necessity either.   Or, ya know, I can simply go with pretty.  Pretty is good, right?




As much as I’d love something to put table lamps on, there are no electrical outlets on that wall so that idea is out unfortunately.  However, I do love the idea of two big pieces of art to complement the neighbouring gallery wall.

Or perhaps just one supersized piece.

The style of the console/sideboard is another challenge.  With an existing piece in place, what would work best to contrast with it without it looking completely out of place?  Too much matchy-matchy would make my eyeballs itch.  It needs to be a different style… but what?

Would something more modern / mid-century work?


I’m not sure it would work with the Chinoiserie chairs…  Maybe something with a more ‘vintage’ vibe instead?


Or something with lots of interesting details?  Or would that be fighting with all the other details in the room?


Or should I just forget the idea of storage and stay simple with a console table instead?


Or should I just go all out and get a big ol’ vintage welsh dresser?  It would provide both storage and display but would it be simply too ‘heavy’ for the space?  If I painted it white, would that worry be addressed?  I’m also conscious of the fact that we need to refinish the floors in the dining room and moving another really large piece of furniture out of the room might be a bit of a hassle.  But that’s probably not a good enough reason to completely dismiss this option, right?

So as you can see, with so much choice out there, I’m drowning in ideas.  Any preferences or suggestions?  I’m all ears.

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