I’m going to cover my Christmas Decorations in a few parts because otherwise, y’all are gonna get a post with a million pictures and you’ll seriously just get bored.  There shall be no rolling of eyes on my watch, dammit.  So small bites it is.

First up is my barcart.  I love this piece which I got on eBay for a mere £30, painted the ugly bits white and filled it with lovely alcohol and vintage glasses.  I decided to pay it a bit of attention this Christmas by making it all sparkly!

I do want to say that since I took these pictures, these mostly empty bottles have just been refilled with LOADS more alcohol in time for Christmas.  We wouldn’t want any of our guests going thirsty now, would we?

First up to get the treatment is my print is from Ministry of Words.  It’s just perfect to relay all the fabulous words for ‘drunk’ that we use here in the UK.  Tis the season for merriment!

A magnolia garland and a string of fairy lights celebrate it’s cheekiness.

The barcart was wrapped with lots of fairy lights as well so the whole thing sparkles.

A couple of picks with festive berries and pinecones for the tray…

And finally, I hung a starburst from the ceiling.

So that’s my festive barcart… the rest of the room is coming soon.  In the meantime, here are gratuitous extra pictures because why the hell not.  Excuse the sexy plug shots.

The lighting is rubbish because the winter sun in Northwest England is so low at this time of year so expect most of my pictures over the coming 6 weeks to be of erm… “diminished quality”.

It does all look rather lovely however when the lights are dimmed and the candles are flickering.  Unfortunately, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Next up… the mantle!

How’s your Christmas decorating coming along?

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