As you probably know by now, I’m the new shiny Blog Editor of Appliances Online at Home.  You’ll be very happy to  know as well that if you pay me a visit there, I promise I’m not talking about washing machines all the time.  In fact, pretty much the opposite of that.

At the moment, the blog is pretty much in its infancy so please know if you wanna pop by and say hello, I would be thrilled!  At the moment, it’s pretty damn quiet so I feel a bit like I’m talking to myself ;)

I figured I’d share a couple of my latest posts with you for the week… Just click on the picture to be taken to the post!

Lots of pretty candles to fill your home with, especially now that Autumn is truly upon us and Winter is just biting at our heels!

I also talked about some gorgeous natural elements to bring into your home with some really stunning inspirational images!

Anyway, I really hope you don’t mind me banging on about the work blog on my personal blog but I promise the little detour will be worth it :)

Next week, I’ll actually be sharing my very first recipe post… get a load of this beauty.

In other news, I hope my American readers had gorgeously yummy Thanksgiving and you got some bargains on Black Friday!  As for me, I took advantage of Zara Home’s 25% off and Free Shipping (it’s still going on til midnight tonight!) and purchased a few of these gorgeous plates for my Christmas table!

I just love the little gold ‘bubbles’, don’t you?  There’s lots of lovely things there, check it out!

And lastly, on Monday I’m hosting a giveway – FREE STUFF.  It’s all good.

Right.  I’m rambling so I’ll shut up now.  Have a lovely weekend!!

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