Before the American readers start thinking I’m talking toilets today, potty is another word for ‘crazy’.  Ya know, just to clarify.  Although there are quite a few bathrooms featured.  Hmm.  So maybe the post title works better than I realised with that sort of double meaning thing going on.  Anyway, what were we talking about?  Oh yes.  DOTS.  They are FUN and a little bit silly and kinda remind me of being a kid.  Minnie Mouse may be responsible for that one.

Anyway, I keep seeing spots all rather fabulously displayed in interiors and so I thought I’d share some of my favourite – and rather classy might I add – executions of this gorgeously irreverent trend.

Yes, dots work amazing in kids’ rooms but throw in some relaxed elegance and the whole room is given a very grown up nod to style.  This chair covered in Premier Prints Togo fabric gives the space so much personality that’s as much adult-friendly as it is kid-friendly.


A piece of furniture in bright spotty fabric can look pretty fabulous when mixed with lots of other patterns.  I am particularly in love with the Coronata Star wallpaper by Osborne & Little on the ceiling.


Getting back to the adult spaces, it’s amazing how something that reminds me of kids can look totally classy when you ramp up the elegance factor by throwing in a bit of gold.  This bathroom wrapped up in black and white polka dots took my breath away.  Throw in some black lacquer and I’m all over it like a fat kid in a sweet shop.


The next couple images showing spotty style are my favourite I think.  Because the dots aren’t perfectly symmetrical or evenly spaced, it seems to not take itself quite as seriously.  It says, ‘Hell yeah, I’m a polka dot but I’m a SARCASTIC polka dot.’  Or something.

This office space by  Tiffany Richey Design had me completely drooling.  Are you dying?  I am dying.  The beautiful light fixture makes me weep, it’s so perfect in the space.  And the Prada sign?  Kill me now.

But it gets even better when you add this FREAKIN AMAZING Γ©tagΓ¨re.  The combination with the Tanzania wallpaper by Thibaut is absolutely genius and gives the whole space a light, fabulously stylish look.

Some more dalmatian fabric with bright pink piping.  Jamie Mears is super awesome amazeballs and I have a huge design girl crush on her.

If filling your walls or furniture with dots seems a bit too much commitment, how about adding spots in smaller doses?  I’m in love with this look of spotty cushions with a bright pop of pink piping!


I also love this wallpaper by Albert Hadley called Fireworks. It’s a fun take on spots and dots and comes in both wallpaper…


And fabric… Yum yum.


This bathroom is pure magic.  It reminds me of star formations when you look at pictures taken of the universe. 


I am thinking about getting this look in my own dressing room with an upholstered cube to act as a seat for my vanity.  In preparation, I’ve already purchased a couple metres of this fabric by Makower.  With my inspiration images to hand, I’d like to use a bright pink piping as an accent.  I’m hoping it turns out as fabulous as it looks in my head!

So… have you used spots anywhere in your decor?  Any favourites of the images I showed above?  Planning on getting a dalmation as a prop for your home*?  Look how nice they look in a bowl full of colourful autumn leaves!

*I would never advocate getting a pet to act merely as an accessory in your home.  

A child, MAYBE.

I’m joking really.

Ok, not really.

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