Well, I can actually confidently say that my dressing room is probably the nearest room to ‘done’ that I have in my home which is pretty damn amazing considering we’ve been living here over 2 years now.   Well, that’s what I was thinking as I was moving everything back into my newly wallpapered, newly lit up dressing room.  And then of course, as it always goes with things like that, I started a new list of bits and pieces that I just have to add to the room which would make it decidedly not ‘done’.  But hell, it’s pretty damn close and that’s good enough for me.  Everything else is pretty much icing.

No need to leave it any longer.  May I present to you my so-girlie-my-insulin-levels-are-being-affected-cuz-it’s-so-damn-sweet dressing room.

Now available with wallpaper.

Are you ready to see my BIG dressing room reveal? Come and take a look at the wallpaper I chose to add the finishing touch to my little haven.

And a new shiny gold dimmer…

Check out my grand dressing room reveal including the wallpaper I chose to add the finishing touches!

For a new shiny and very very pink girlie chandelier.

My finished dressing room including very girlie pink chandelier

Yep, I bought it.

Anyway, I’ll stop with the detail shots now and get to the big pictures now without interruption…

Every girl deserves a little space to call her own right? Check out the big dressing room reveal!


It's finally time for my big dressing room reveal, check out the finished result!


  The finishing touches in my new dressing room


I chose some rather special wallpaper to add the perfect finishing touch to my dressing room.


Every girl needs a space to store her shoes! Check out my big dressing room reveal!

As you might have noticed, I haven’t hung up the earring or necklace holders on the wall.  Mostly because that wall is just so damn pretty and I didn’t want to put holes in the wallpaper when I wasn’t entirely in love with what I currently have.  So now, I’m thinking I might DIY something instead.

What I did do, however, was replace the mirror holders with simple clear holders with bright gold nails.

I like how they sort of disappear now against the wallpaper without competing in any way with the glorious print.

Take a look at the grand reveal of my gorgeous new dressing room!

As for the chandelier, I know opinion was divided on this one but I ended up getting it for a mere £65 thanks to it being on sale as well as having a £25 gift certificate from work.  To be honest, after looking for something else around the £100 mark for the last few months, I knew I wasn’t going to find anything else that I liked as much for so little.  A girl’s gotta count her pennies.   I think with the addition of the ceiling rose painted to the same colour as the pale green above the picture rail, it looks rather cute.

My dressing room has had a little update, check out the makeover!

I am kinda in love with the whole thing.  After clearing the room, painting above the picture rail a soft green, a fresh coat of gloss on the picture rail itself and of course, hanging the paper and putting the whole room back together, we really only finished it all on Sunday.  I’ve had a whole week off work which meant lots of projects were worked on but I’m thrilled this one actually got done!!  I have a feeling that even the pain of having to get up for work on Monday morning after so many blissful lie ins will be eased with the prospect of getting ready here.

I’m so happy with how lovely the rug picks up the colours in the paper.

Shooting this room isn’t too easy so I have to apologise that the picture quality isn’t better.  It’s a TINY room and the big window blows out the colours a bit.  The picture above shows the colour pretty accurately but the one below makes it look a bit darker.

Every girl needs a place to keep her clothes and shoes. Take a look at my big dressing room reveal!

I will say, however, that this room has come a VERY long way.  I think a before and after is in order no?

A before and after of my dressing room reveal


Check out the before and after of my dressing room reveal

The ‘finishing touches’ will be left for another post but until then, I hope you enjoyed the big ‘reveal’ and that it was worth the wait!

If this exercise has taught me anything it’s that every girl out there deserves a little space to call her own.   Ladies, if you can manage even a tiny space of real estate in your home to create a haven that’s truly your own, I implore you to just do it!


I’ve never had anything like this before in my life and I know how truly special it is and I have worked very very hard on this room (I know people may think that W probably does all the work and I just write about it but that’s definitely not the case in our house.  The fact I’m constantly digging paint from under my nails will attest to that.) and I’m proud of what I’ve been able to do on a pretty small budget.   I guess I’m just trying to say that if you aren’t sure if you could be selfish and create a space just for yourself, I have to ask why the hell not?  Don’t you deserve it?  I bet you do.


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