I see pretty lacquered boxes in blogland all the time.  In real life?  Not so much.  It seems the ones I have seen here and there available in the UK are ‘designer’ only and aren’t priced reasonably enough for someone on a meager budget like myself.

Just to give you an idea, these boxes from Plantation Design start at  $90 for the smallest and go to $140 for the largest.  Ouch.

However, you can save some big bucks on laquered boxes today!  Well, okay, not quite lacquered boxes but a pretty damn good replica for a mere FRACTION of the price.

Oh yes indeed, when I saw these in John Lewis the other day and from just a few steps away, I thought they were the real deal.  It was only noticing they were next to gift boxes and when I saw the price that I realised what a great imitation they really were.

The smallest of these is £2 and the largest £4.

I have to say, they look better in person then they do in this picture.  They are lovely and shiny and I couldn’t resist picking up the largest one for the dressing room.

I might have to get the others (at £9 for the whole set, it’s hardly a bank breaker).  Now, John Lewis, if you are listening, please bring out more colours – I think you may have something here.

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