In my search for artwork for my living room, I came across the most beautiful prints by Nancy Ramirez of Cozamia which I felt I had to share.  The funny thing was, I realised that I was already familiar with Nancy’s work thanks to the stunning vignettes in which they appear.  You may be too.

I’ve actually showed this image on my blog previously but hadn’t realised where it was originally from.  This is where Pinterest does good, allowing you to trace an image back to it’s source.

And what a source!

Electric Garden in Pink

Nancy says this about her digital artwork (taken from her website):

“Creating art, whether through traditional mediums or digitally, has given me a creative outlet that I’m so grateful for and look forward to on a daily basis. I love finding inspiration in both nature and everyday surroundings. I often get completely lost browsing through fashion mags, interior design books and blogs, all this plays into the decorative vibe of my art.

My work combines pretty fragments of colourful abstract paintings or elements of existing photographs which I rework digitally to create something new. There’s always a happy element of surprise that I experience when combining organic, hand painted work with the more rigid conforms of digital art.”

I honestly think I would happily take any of the prints on offer and the best thing, she ships internationally.  My credit card is already weeping and I haven’t even made a purchase (yet).

Did you like my Flamingo print in my last post?  Well, this one takes that one to a whole new level.  I’m seriously dying here.

Flamingo Mingle (love that name)

The pinky colours not doing it for you?  How bout something a little cooler?


Gorgeous, no?

Golds and velvet.  Be still my beating heart!  Wild Herringbone

Birds of Paradise

Beautiful alone but doubly gorgeous in pairs…

Brittle Stars Baby Blue and Brittle Stars Raspberry

Seriously, I’m dying here, are you?  I need one or eight of these in my life.  Prints are sold via Imagekind which allows for various sizes (although I can’t help but think bigger is best in these cases), as a print or as a canvas and gives you lots of different options for framing and matting.

Black Doves

I couldn’t even decide on my favourite to be honest, they are all so stunning and there are even more choices available on Cozamia.

Tell me, can you choose a favourite?

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