On this Free For All Friday, I wanted to feature quite possibly one of the simplest but most effective Ikea Hacks I have ever seen… I’ve always wanted a vintage glass etagere but firstly, I can’t seem to find any in this country;  secondly, new ones are ridiculously priced;  and thirdly, even if I found one in my price range, I don’t really have a clue where I’d put it.

All of these factors, however, does not mean I don’t want one anyway!  Thinking perhaps in the dressing room possibly if I shift a few things around… hmmm.

Anyway, when I saw this hack, on Ana Antunes’ Home Styling, I just had to share.  It’s friggin’ gorgeous!

Anna is an interior designer and TV presenter in Portugal and her designs are very pretty, very feminine and the most beautifully colour-coordinated I’ve probably ever seen.

In this particular design, she used two Ikea VITTSJO metal shelving units that used to look like this…

And turned them with some gold spray paint into this…

For Β£65 for each shelving unit and a bit of gold paint, it’s not too bad a result, eh? Stunning!  It looks as though she also replaced the bottom shelves with a mirror, a very nice touch!

Ana has some really beautiful work on her blog, definitely worth checking out.

Seen any brilliant Ikea hacks lately?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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