We moved into our home back in June 2010 and for as long as we’ve lived here I have dreamt of something a little bit special, a little bit indulgent for our living room:  a white cowhide rug*.  I know there are a lot of other colours and styles you can get out there in cowhide but the simple white or creamy ones have always been my favourite.

A white cowskin rug simply knocks up the glam factor in a room.  Their organic shape really softens the hard lines of a room and I think it’s one of the reasons they fit effortlessly into so many different styles as you’ll see in the following images.











In fact, this picture has been in my inspiration files for YEARS.  Seriously.  YEARS.  And I still love it.




Combined with a few other gorgeously indulgent and glamorous pieces like tufted sofas and Lucite tables and ohmygodkillmenow animal print stools… well, it’s difficult for my heart beat to stay in check.




Sexy, cool and all kinds of rock n’roll. Plus?  Easy to keep clean and maintain.  Honestly.




If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know that I got my greedy little hands on one of these babies very recently.  Oh yes, finally a white cowhide skin is MINE dammit.

French Bedroom Company Organic White Cowhide Rug

That one you see there above?  That’s the one I got.  The very same.  It’s huge and beautiful and creamy white.  The best part?  I didn’t pay £395 for it.

Cuz that’s not how this girl rolls.  Full price?  You are joking.

In fact, I got the rug in yesterday morning.  Yes, of course, at 8am when the delivery man came, I immediately opened the packaging and while the cats sniffed around at this new strange object in their home, I laid it all out because I’m completely impatient and couldn’t wait to see how it looked…. 

Also?  I recently purchased a new (old) vintage coffee table as well which I have yet to blog about.  So yeah, a couple of long-awaited changes for the living room.  Pics coming soon… Are you feeling the cowhide love?

*Just a caveat:  I know animal skins aren’t for everyone and I’ve seen discussions of this controversial subject online before.  Some people feel a bit funny about having an animal skin on their floor.  That’s cool, we are all different.  For me, I figure I wear leather, I eat meat and as the skins are a bi-product of this industry, then my own conscience is clear.  You might be different and that’s fine (but it’s my blog and my house so erm… please don’t preach at me).  Ta muchly.

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