Firstly, I wanted to say a very big thank you for all the lovely comments on my little back garden makeover!  So many sweet comments so thank you thank you thank you.  Y’all rock my world.  I also wanted to say that I’ve recently had a promotion at work (yay!) but with that, I’ve also been crazy busy and working very long hours (booo!).  So I just want to apologise if I haven’t paid a visit to your blog lately!  I’m hoping some of that craziness will die down soon and I can resume a normal schedule of  projects, blogging and visiting soon because I’m missing all the inspiration and seeing 400+ unread blogs in my reader makes my palms sweaty.

In the meantime, I’ve come across a few things in my travels on the interwebs of products that I’ve loved and thought you might like them too.

I have really fallen for this gorgeous pineapple lamp base from Graham and Green.  At  £125, it’s certainly not cheap but it’s a classic piece that will not likely go out of style anytime soon.  In fact, they’ve been in style since the days of Columbus and through the 1700-1800’s, being used by artisans as a symbol of wealth.  This is because, at the time, the only people who could afford this strange and wonderful fruit from the Caribbean were the very rich.  Little bit of history there for ya.  I know, I’m good to you.

Much more in line with my budget, this gorgeous throw from Urban Outfitters would look amazing either on a wall as shown as a backdrop to some gorgeous furniture or on a bed layered with lots of colours and textures, Anthro-style but without the Anthro price tag.  At only £35, you can even take it along on a picnic and not worry too much about throwing it in the wash afterwards.  It’s listed as a ‘tapestry’ but to be fair, it’s just printed cotton.  But it IS rather pretty.

Having a tea party?  How about these gorgeous gold plates from Forages? Definitely fit for a Queen (or indeed for your Jubilee Party) at £38 for a set of four.

These gorgeous candle pots from Rockett St George are reminiscent of old fashioned shaving pots.  They have a couple different styles but the Papillon Paon is my favourite.  They are £35 each.

I also love this Limestone art, also from Rockett St George.  Such a perfect gift for your partner.  It’s £49.

The wall art (by Coulson Macleod) reads as follows:

What is Love? To solve the riddle with just one answer is beyond me, for love is many different and contradictory things.  In the early stages love is excitement and breathlessness, it is the ache of separation and the comfort of togetherness, and it builds inexorably to that moment when ‘I’ becomes ‘we’.  Later, if blessed, love becomes a stronger, less transitory thing, a foundation for two lives lived as one.  It is all around us, there for the taking, yet to seek it out is futile.  It cannot be bought or stolen or given.  It cannot be avoided or denied.  Love is the beautiful, wonderful, mysterious motar that binds two souls together and I first heard its voice on the day I met you.  It has been with me every moment since.  This is what love is.


Oh, and speaking of love, this weekend, I am taking my gorgeous guy away to Cheltenham in the Cotswolds for his birthday so you’ll probably not hear much from me then either but with 3 days off work, I can’t wait to get away!  Boutique Hotel, here we come! :)

And on that note, I will bid you adieu and wish you a fabulous week!


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