A blog post in two parts…

Firstly, have only just discovered the ridiculously stylish Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes and I already want to be her when I grow up.   

What do you mean I’m already a grown up and she’s only like 20 years old??  WHY IS THE UNIVERSE SO UNFAIR?!?!

Ok, fine.  I’ll just take her wardrobe.

Oh, and her flat.

 And her youthful gorgeousness.


Second discovery… some tunage (that’s pronounced ‘toon-ij’ if you were confused)…

Julia Stone (sister to Agnus whom she normally performs with) is an Australian singer-songwriter and this song is from her solo album, Memory Machine.  Despite having a #1 record in Australia, I don’t believe her and her brother are particularly well known in the UK – well, at least not on popular radio stations.  Have you heard of their music before?  If so, apologies, I’m behind the times!

This song is called This Love and the rushed intensity of the brush on the drums is perfect on chilly day…  her voice, feminine and ethereal, transports you.

I can hear your music from a million miles away,
The angels got it right when they made you the way they made you.
Sometimes I wonder if you’re made from bones and skin
Or are you something for me to begin again, again

Anyway, just a little moody vibe for a Friday.
Want to hear more?  Julia’s website can be found here.

Discovered anything new this week?  Share with me, I always like finding new cool stuff!

Have a lovely weekend my darlings!

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