This year, we’ve decided that we’d like to spruce up the back garden a bit seeing as we’ve not really touched it at all since we got our fence done and added a few pretty flowers and a hanging basket last year.  So we’re looking into building out the deck to make it large enough for a bit more seating, putting in some railing and buying a nice wooden shed for the bottom of the garden to store our bits and bobs – generally just doing a bit of a spruce up.  It’s not a large garden by any means (the house was built in Edwardian times – 1906 was not a year of large outdoor spaces apparently) but it’s cute enough and we don’t want to spend a lot of money at the moment anyway as we’re still saving to finish the kitchen.

If we had loads of money to throw at it, I’d be digging up the whole thing and starting from scratch, but alas, sometimes you just have to work with whatcha got!

Anyway, as Spring is just about ready to sprout, I thought you might like to see some of the inspiration that’s floating my boat at the moment.

This first pic gives me hope that even if you have a tiny space, you can dress it up beautifully.  Doesn’t hurt if your view is spectacular as well.  Sigh.


I just love the bright, happy textiles.  Combined with some pretty blooms, the whole outside area just comes to life.

I think the first image that really got my mind working overtime was seeing CocoCozy’s fabulous deck makeover that she did in a WEEK.  With the addition of some gorgeous fabrics, lovely accessories and a few painted pieces, it was transformed into a lovely outside space that anyone would be happy to spend time in.


This next image proves you certainly don’t have to use bright colours to really zhush up your outside space.  The simple graphic cushions, lots of white furniture and a seagrass rug create a serene environment, perfect for enjoying a glass of wine on a warm summer evening.


This cute retro deck uses a large hedge like a wall to hang artwork upon – it really makes the whole space look like an additional room.  I would love to curl up with a book in the sunshine and just chill out!


Here’s another small outdoor space that I love.  A brick wall and a concrete porch could have proved challenging but the cute turquoise chairs, touch of red and the graphic cushions add a bit of punch and the many pots add a lovely eclectic vibe.


I really love this fun, colourful outdoor rug.  While they are near-on impossible to find in the UK, it seems that Habitat has cottoned on and are finally offering outdoor rugs on their site!  (Thanks to Rachie of A Chi Chi Affair for that bit of a heads up!!)  Lets hope more companies follow suit!

And lastly, there is something so incredibly relaxing about this naturally gorgeous space.  I love the rustic elements and the black and white graphic cushions.  Isn’t it beautiful?


Ya know, I found so many gorgeous images in my hunt for inspiring outdoor spaces and whilst I’d love to share them all with you today, I’m going to wait until a future post where we’ll look at easily adoptable ideas you can use in your own garden!  How’s that for a tease?  I know, I know, I’m terrible.

So, tell me, are you going to be making any changes to your garden, porch or deck this year?  Maybe you have just a little patio or a balcony and you’re feeling a bit challenged by the lack of space?  I hope these images have given you a few ideas that you don’t need a huge space to make a big imact.

I have to say as well, I’m having fun looking at outdoor fabrics at the minute and deciding what my colour scheme is going to be!  Can’t wait to share that with you as well!

In related news, we spent 3 hours in our garden on Sunday tidying it up and clearing out the fallen leaves and weeds and dead plants and throwing out some of the rubbish left behind by the previous residents as well as from our own DIY projects.  The good news is I feel like we now have a lovely blank canvas to work with.  The bad news is I was still sore days later from all the bending and lifting.  Oh dear, is this what getting old is all about?

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