{I’ve asked 5 of my favourite, most-admired bloggers to fill in for me while I am away!  The task?  Tell me about a favourite space or place – either home or away – that you love.  I’m so excited to have some rather talented ladies here keeping Swoon Worthy ticking along while I’m gone and I know you’ll love them as well!

First up is Rebecca from Florence Finds.  Her incredibly popular blog is a must-visit for smart and stylish women everywhere but it’s Rebecca’s thoughtful, intelligent and often vulnerable writing that keeps you coming back for more.  And there’s lots on offer with everything from travel to food to fashion (often modelled by the lovely lady herself) to interiors to music and more!   Do give her a very warm welcome as she shows off a beatiful spot in her home…  Here’s Rebecca!} 

Well hello there Swooners! I’m delighted to have been asked by Red to share a corner of my home that I love and hopefully introduce you all to my home in the blogosphere – Florence Finds.

Although I write a lifestyle blog, with a little bit of everything, interiors are right up there for me as a favourite and I’m a huge admirer of Red’s style, so I hope my offering meets the current precedent!

When Red asked me about a favourite corner of mine, my first thought was a beautiful Antique Scandinavian cabinet that I have. Due to its position, unfortunately it doesn’t photograph very well (damn these dark Victorian terraces!) but I’ve done my best and I hope it gives you some idea of where I’m headed with it.

My cupboard, as I like to call it (in a very unfair understatement) was spotted in a local interior design store (David Gavin in Didsbury for local Manchester readers.) I loved it’s three sides of glass with a panelled bottom section and my lovely husband proceeded to buy it for my birthday. Since then, I have to admit, it has been a bit of a problem. I suppose its ideal use would be as a linen cupboard, but frankly I’m not in a position to require a whole cupboard full of linen, or to devote that much space to it. Also, the 2 large shelves divided by two more demi-shelves (pretty though they are,) don’t lend themselves particularly well to storage.

My Husband has made many a joke about it being an expensive way of filling the awkward space at the top of the stairs but what I really wanted was somewhere to store my accessories. I have lots of bags and found I was never using them, so wanted to be able to see them at a glance. The same goes for belts, chunky necklaces, scarves and so on, and that remains my aim. Currently it’s a work in progress.

I found this nifty way of storing nail polishes on Pinterest and snapped up an Ikea vase to steal the look. A few towels have made it in there and I also have a seasonally rotating display of knits, denim and other things that lend themselves to a folded pile.

Always a shoe fanatic, some of my favourites are currently on display too, along with a collection of boxes that I am waiting to revamp and re-purpose. The mint green one was a Fortnum and Mason hamper I was given once and kept because it is so beautiful, but the others are crying out for a makeover and I intend to paint or cover them, maybe even in chevrons. I’m thinking a mint green, coral and grey scheme would work…

I would absolutely love to hear from some of you if you have any links or tips for ways I can use my cupboard, renovate the boxes I have or store trickier items like necklaces. Just drop me a comment below and lets keep the blog warm for Red while she’s away!

Love, Rebecca

{Got to admit, I love the idea of using a beautiful cupboard to show off my prettiest accessories!  I’m in love with Rebecca’s fabulous shoes and bags as well!  What do you love and do you have any suggestions for Rebecca?  Do share in the comments!}

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