{I’ve asked 5 of my favourite, most-admired bloggers to fill in for me while I am away!  The task?  Tell me about a favourite space or place – either home or away – that you love.  I’m so excited to have some rather talented ladies here keeping Swoon Worthy ticking along while I’m gone and I know you’ll love them as well!

Well, by this time, I’m hopefully lazying it up on a beach somewhere in Lanzorate but I’m so excited that I have the very beautiful and very talented Michele from Hello Lovely to keep us entertained!  Her blog is just a treasure trove of gorgeousness, thoughtfulness, happiness, love, humour (honestly this woman is hilarious) and all things purely wonderful!  Oh, and she’s also gorgeous to boot.  I’d hate her if she wasn’t so damn loveable ;) Take it away, Michele…}

Hey look…it’s Swoon Worthy’s RED
struttin’ her stuff all bubblicious-like in Chicago!
Okay. Fibbing.
But the same spirit is there, yes?

I’m Michele of Hello Lovely,
and it’s a joy subbing for my friend today
by spotlighting one of my favorite places.
(Swoonworthy is also a favorite. It’s a wonderland of sass and swoon
authored by a girl I adore!)
Until now, the ever-chic Elysian Hotel
in the Windy City was a favorite gorgeous splurge…
but the hotel sports a spankin’ new name as of Feb. 1st:

This is not Paris, friends. This is Illinois.

Honeychild, you can re-name this hotel

a thousand times, but please oh please,
don’t change anything else!!!!
The decor, the architecture, the ambience,
the no tipping policy…
The Parisian-looking precast concrete tower has a motor court in front.
The Elysian (which opened in 2009) was designed by architect Lucien Lagrange
 and developed by hotelier David Pisor.

I first visited in 2010 for business
(to review the spa…such a tough assignment).
My sister joined me at the hotel and spa
where it was (see image above) difficult to contain our enthusiasm.
Mid-life moms engaged in downy warfare are so often underrated.

I’m no designer, but I’m thinkin’ this is how DECO
and SOPHISTICATED are done with style.

There are two restaurants, 
an extravagant spa 
(massage? IN to the Credible), 
188 hotel rooms on the lower 26 floors, 
and private residences on the upper floors. 
Elysian Hotel - Lobby
The light fixture in the lobby was inspired
by a Chanel brooch–in fact, the entire property
takes its cues from Coco. 

Elysian Hotel - Well-appointed interior

I have enjoyed the hotel’s Gold Coast suites
(about 1250 square feet) but even the smallest
accommodations boast over 600 square feet,
a fireplace, and an over the top luxury bathroom.
Elysian Hotel - Splendid inside spaces
The private terraces! The view!
Worth the price of the room.
No other hotel in Chicago can deliver this.

Elysian Hotel - Bernard
Bernard’s bar inside the property.

Elysian Hotel - Elegance and charm

The Elysian was purchased by the Hilton group for $95 million…
about $505,000 per guest suite.

my photo
We spent time on our terrace since it was unseasonably
warm; the view from the 26th floor, glorious.
hello lovely

Color me smitten.
And you…sold yet?
A few tips if ever you take this place for a spin:
(1) Take advantage of the complimentary
driver…ask to be dropped at Chicago’s best pizza joint:
Give me a little notice; it’s my fav, and I’ll join you.

(2) Work off that cheesy deep dish deliciousness and beer
at the spa (just one of many free amenities).
my photo
(3) Then relax a little longer right here.

Thanks for having me today, lovely Red.
Blogland is so much sexier with you in it!
Who is joining me at the hotel
for a swoonworthy rendezvous?

{Thank you so much Michele for letting us live vicariously through your visit to this truly extraordinary hotel!  Book us up, baby, I’m so there with my bubblegum and sassy leopard print dress!!  I can’t promise I won’t look like a psych-ward escapee rather than the epitome of coolness, but one can dream….  What do you think of Michele’s fabulous choice of hotel? What’s your favourite part?  Do tell in the comments and give Michele some Swoon Worthy lovin’!!}

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