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If you are awaiting the next update on the kitchen, I hate to disappoint but I haven’t got one.  After the slate flooring went in, we were a bit DIY’d out so took a little break and then by that time, we were looking at Christmas and shopping and colder weather and shorter days and less money.  And replacing a counter top in those circumstances seemed a bit silly.

So we are going to wait for a bit before we continue with that particular project.  Granted, we thought we’d have finished the whole project by now but hey, real life sometimes takes longer than dreams.

Despite this, I’m hoping that our bathroom will be on 2012’s agenda.  For as much as I’m happy with the little pick-me-up the peacock blue paint job provided, it does desperately need a full refurbish.

So I can’t help but dream a bit when I see some beautiful bathrooms and I thought I’d share some of my inspiration images with you.

Replacing entire bathroom suites can get expensive and to be fair, there’s nothing particularly wrong with the toilet, the sink or the bathtub in our bathroom.  Mind you, none of them are in perfect condition but probably don’t need replacement any time soon.  I’ll have to see how much money we have in the budget and make a decision on what we can replace purely for aesthetic reasons!

One thing I’m especially keen on replacing is the sink because I’m kind of in love with free-standing bathroom furniture like these repurposed vanities…

How wonderful is this idea?  Talk about “up-cycling”!  (Geddit? HA!)  I love how the basket holds towels.

via shierley dot com

This bathroom is so crazy and OTT but for some reason, I love it!  Check out the fabulous glossy chest of drawers turned vanity.  Lush.

via houzz

We sadly don’t have room for two sinks but my goodness, the symmetry in this bathroom appeals to my OCD side…

via lovely clusters

I’m all about gorgeously dark interiors and this amazing black bathroom is no exception.  The natural elements like wood, wicker and wainscotting look rather wonderful and the white contrasts work well!  (How’s that for alliteration?)  It manages to look modern and traditional at the same time.

via sacramento street

The amazing geometric patterned wallpaper somehow works in a small space.  I love this bathroom – the sink and the mirror are perfect for a small space – I’m taking note of this one.

Niche Interiors via cocozy

Speaking of amazing pattern, wallpaper really does work fabulously  in contemporary bathrooms, giving it just that little extra ooomph as shown in this gorgeous coral and pink example.  Yummy!

Can you see I’m really thinking about bold patterns?  I am so in love with the navy and gold combination in this bathroom.  It’s just stunning.  And how about that tap installed IN the mirror?  Kind of awe-inspiring no?  Oh and don’t even get me started on the cupboard handles.  Ok, I know I need to get out more.

via decorpad

This bathroom is so lovely and simple and the black and white tile is the perfect foil to the pale greeny blue.

via the long and short of it

And if I’m gonna dream, well, I might as well dream big.  Truly truly swoon worthy, no?

via coco + kelley

When I finally start planning, I may have to come back down to earth.  In the meantime, my head is full of a million different ideas!  What does your dream bathroom look like?

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