Well, the time has come to spill my news… I’m still a few weeks away from launch but I thought I’d let you in all the craziness of the past couple months.

It’s all baby steps at the moment so you’ll have to forgive me for starting rather small!  However, I’m so excited by this new little venture!


Hopefully now, the changes to my blog make sense :)

Yep, I’m launching a new business selling gorgeous cushions!

But as you can hopefully see (and the Brits in my audience will recognise this before my American brethren) they are not just any cushions that you can get on the British High Street.

You’ve all heard me moan about the fact that finding the lovely fabrics so readily available in the States are nigh on impossible to find in the UK.  Believe me, I have tried.  It’s part of the reason why I have no curtains in my lounge or in my dining room – because I just haven’t been able to find what I want here.

I love the simplicity of a bold geometric pattern which I see over and over again in American design and while I can try and be satisified with the offerings we have here, I’m just not.  I’ve spent the past 5 years frustrated by this so I decided that if I am having these frustrations, there are probably others out there that have the same issue, right?

So, taking matters into my own hands, an idea was born.  I’ve imported a load of good quality, beautiful fabrics from the States and very soon, I’m going to be bringing those beautiful fabrics to you, my UK readers.

Excuse me while I squeel.


Thank you.

Here’s a little preview…

It’s a small, carefully curated collection for now but I’m hoping to add more fabulous patterns in time.  Launch will be in February with a wonderful giveaway in the works so stay tuned for more!

I have loads of ideas of where this could go and where I’d love to take Swoon Worthy Homewares in time but you’ll just have to come along on the journey with me to find out how we get on.  In the meantime, I’m so excited by this new little adventure and I do hope the wait has been worth it!

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