Hello my gorgeous chicas!  I’m visiting with the very lovely Patience today over at her blog White Laquer.

Patience is creating a beautiful vintage-inspired home with a glamorous edge over on her blog and you’d be silly not to go and have a look at what she’s done.

Just as a taster – check out this glossy number with a LEOPARD PRINT CHAIR.  I’m dying, are you dying?  Cuz yeah, dying.

Also?  Her bed makes me weep, it’s such a beautiful thing.

Anyway, go over and have a look at her beautiful blog because it very often makes me smile and I’m sure it will you as well!

What am I doing over there?  Well, I’m sharing my ‘Things I Wants‘ today which, lets be honest, is pretty much a running list of about 100 different things (sorry, I’m part of Generation X, we have immediate gratification issues) so narrowing it down was a challenge to say the least.

Just as a teaser?  One of the things on my list…

via conversation pieces

Go on over to White Laquer and check it out!  And thank you Patience for having me!!  Mwah!

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