As you probably know by now, I’m sort of obsessed with gold.  Which, even for me, sounds absolutely crazy as I’d quite happily ridden on the chrome, then the satin stainless steel and finally the nickel bandwagon for pretty much the last ten or 15 years (showing my age there).  I worked very hard to make sure I’d gotten rid of every piece of terribly tacky brass from my home and then this happens…

I start to see gold in a whole new light.  And then I start to love it.  And then… well, then I become obsessed.

And so, I thought I’d share the lastest colour combination that’s filling me with absolute glee – pink and gold. 

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know where in my home I’d incorporate this colour combination – it’s unapologetically feminine for sure and I’ve tried to ensure my colour schemes at home suit the male contingent of the household… but that doesn’t mean I can’t dream…

The artwork in this image is just to die for.  I love it, like totally and completely love it.

via the peak of tres chic

I love how this next image screams vintage but in an up-to-date glamorous way.  I remember when I was a kid, I totally wanted a phone like that.

via bijou and boheme

I’ve become more and more keen on beautiful table settings.  I so love my gold cutlery and would love to try a combination of colours like this for my next girlie dinner party.*

*Not that I’ve ever had a girlie dinner party but if I had place settings like this, I so would.  You are all invited.  Bring cupcakes.  And vodka.

via icing designs

Another example of gorgeous pink art.  I love the movement in this image between the art and the wallpaper and that sexy sexy sculptural table lamp.  I don’t even know what all the chotchkies are on the table but I love them just the same.

via ritzy bee

I can’t wait for the peonies in my garden to come into bloom again.  And honestly, is there anyone out there that DOESN’T love these flowers?  I wish I could see the whole coffee table (and room) here because what I can see, I love.

via belle maison

Here’s a lovely blush pink… don’t you just want to curl up on that lovely sofa for a midday nap?

via bijou and boheme

And quite possibly the best for last…  Pink and gold macaroons.  They are honestly just too beautiful to eat.

via icing designs

Have you been inspired?  Would you or are you already rocking this colour combo in your own home?  Or perhaps just on your person?  (Sexy or WHAT.)

via lingerie love

Now if I can distract you from the leggy blonde, you will be very happy to know that I’ve recently come across a fantastic gold spray paint!  I have tried a number of different types and have never gotten the finish I was hoping for but this stuff is just unbelievable.  The spray is superfine and so you get such a good finish from it.  Even W, who is a professional sprayer, was very impressed by this stuff!

And best part?  It’s cheap!  And no, I’m not even getting paid to say this.  I’ll share with you soon!  At the moment, I’m off to paint gold anything that’s not nailed down.  The cats are frightened (as well they should be).  Will be back soon with some of my gold projects!

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