Social media can be a wonderful thing… I was lucky enough to be followed on Twitter by the lovely Martin of Ministry of Words who has recently launched a shop showcasing his fun and eclectic prints.  I followed back and an exchange of tweets lead to Martin offering to send me a free print!

I know, RIGHT?  Seriously, this just made my whole week.

And of course, never one to turn down someones blatant generosity, I chose this rather fabulous print called ‘Synonyms’… I couldn’t NOT, really… as I had the perfect spot in mind.

You know where this is going, right?  Of course you do, clever clogs.

Ignore the terrible state of the floors.  2012 is the year they are tackled!

Of course it had to go there.  That space was crying out for something and what better way to encourage your guests to let their hair down?

Hello, full bar cart!  Why, yes, make mine a Cuba Libre!

Don’t I keep saying that every room needs a sense of humour?  We aren’t really alcoholics.

Hey kids, don’t drink!  Stay in school!

See?  I’m still a responsible adult, mostly.

I really love my new print and if you want to check out more of Martin’s prints, go to his shop and tell him I sent you!  He’s offering a 15% discount right now so get them while you can as they are all limited editions.  He also wraps them rather nicely which, ya know, shows he cares :)

Thank you so much, Martin!!

In other dining room news, I made a couple of other small additions over the last couple weeks which I might as well share with you while we’re having a look around!

For the eagle eyed among you, there are two new ones in that picture, both from the rather eclectically wonderful Rockett St George.

The first is a little zinc match dispenser that has a fantastic antique look.  I thought the colours worked well against the grey wall.


The second is the First Class Waiting Room sign.  I thought it was rather appropriate for a dining room – sure the food is first class, but you’ll be waiting a while for it!  Ha!!

It’s in a distressed wood but I’m not entirely sure if I’m going to leave it that way.  I’m really tempted to paint it in something like bright yellow.  I know, I know, I’m odd.  Time shall tell whether I have the guts to do it.

So those are my three new additions to my dining room.   As you can see, I still haven’t done a thing with the bar cart – taking your advice to ‘live with it’ for a while as I’m still unsure what I want to do.

So anyway, I hope you liked the new bits and now… back to Christmas!!  Goodness, are you as exhausted as I am?  Feel like my head has been in a spin for 3 weeks now!

P.S.  My gorgeous new faux bamboo dining chairs should be complete this week – I’m just waiting for the cushion covers to be completed but they’re no longer that terrible green colour and are just awaiting the final steps of their makeover.  Can’t wait to show them off so stay tuned for that!

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