Well, we are now in the final stretch to Christmas and it’s been a busy one!  Last minute meetings in London, Office Christmas parties and scrambling for Secret Santa gifts has meant terribly early mornings and late nights.  So by nightfall, sinking into the sofa with a cup of tea, television and Christmas lights twinkling away is about all I want to do!

So despite my decorations being up since early December, I’m only just getting to show you the rest of my Christmas decor!

You saw my dining table last week, but here’s the rest of the dining room, specifically the mantle.

More of the same  – black, white, silver, gold and leopard print…

With a little greenery thrown in for good measure of course.

I bought the faux fur Christmas stockings from Graham and Green last year and they work really well with the scheme.  Also, they are HUGE.  All the more room for pressies.

The black reindeer is from John Lewis (£6) and the gold one was part of a set of 2 for £3 at Home Bargains.  If you are okay with fighting off all the chavs and scroats that unfortunately tend to populate places like Home Bargains, you can actually get some really cheap and cheerful things*.

Moving on to the living room, I kept things a little more simple in here…

A simple candelabra and a cheerful little reindeer tea light holder lights up the corner…

The fireplace ‘hole’ is a Christmassy vignette with gold velvet stockings I bought years ago from M&S along with a garland of white flowers and berries…

And then on to the tree…

I’m not into packing my tree with loads of things… I like my ornaments to ‘breathe’ a bit.

I bought the tree skirt at B&Q.  I couldn’t resist really, it’s just so cute and helps to tie the theme together…

My favourite addition to the tree this year is my black crow which I bought from Rockett St George.  I love that the first time W saw it, it scared the crap out of him because he thought it was real!  *falls about laughing hysterically*

How can anyone be scared of this little guy, really?  Even the cats weren’t fussed.

You lookin’ at ME?

So aside from a few little bits, that’s pretty much the extent of my holiday decorating!  Hope you are looking forward to a fabulous week ahead!  I am going to wrap all my presents today (just bought the last one today!) so the bottom of my tree will look a little less empty.

We’re also going ‘Booze Shopping’ today to get all the alcohol for Christmas.  I know that sounds a bit like we are alcoholics but we are expecting 12 people on Christmas day (not all for dinner though, thank goodness) so making sure we’ve got everything to hand is always good.  And then we can concentrate on the food shopping later this week.

Also, I got a new print that sits right above my bar cart that I can’t wait to show you later this week and it’ll look all the better with lots of full bottles underneath it.  It’s all about the stylin’ baby.

What have you got planned for the last weekend before the big one?

Forgot to turn the fairy lights on for this pic.  Whoops.  Trust, me… lots of lights.

*No chavs or scroats were harmed in the making of this post.

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